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  1. That sounds like an Australian length stock2.
  2. Yep. Round off, and polish if that bottom of breach face angle is too sharp.
  3. I have 1 for small frame, it is a pita to make reliable. You need to use a heavy hammer spring too.
  4. FYI, I got lucky and tried the factory sear (brownish color), with the egw prepped hammer. Even with the heavy hammer spring, trigger went from meh, to great. I was having some fitting challenges with the egw sear. I will still work on it, but for now the brownish Oem sear (Unica) is working out great. Didn’t have to fit it 2 the safety either. Bonus.
  5. I am running a domina with some go fast parts, fitting an egw hammer sear combo currently. I had the barrel reamed to accept 1.165+ oal 124gr ammo. Interesting that the guide rod is short, vs longer in v8’s.
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