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  1. CCI primers work much better. I had Winchester primers initially and ended up crushing a few, so I gave up on them with the CBC brass.
  2. Hello, I'm looking at getting an Aimcam, as I would like to get some 1st person perspective on my shooting. I know 1st person has limits to what it can show you training-wise, but I want to focus on my target transitions & follow-up shots. I see most people using the Aimcam are shooting outdoor matches and using ear plugs. I do a fair amount of indoor matches, and I've heard that the Aimcam has issues with muffs. Usually, I use MSA Sordins, but I also have some Walkers and Peltor Sport Tacs. Will I be able to use the Aimcam at all with the muffs and how uncomfortable will it be? Also, any feedback on the Aimcam in general would be helpful. Thanks!
  3. OK, I think that I'm sold on the 750 over the 550. I also like the fact that I can use the powder check on the 750. Reading recently about the issues that people have had with manual auto-indexing turrets and double charges or squibs makes the powder check appealing. I'm usually very diligent when I reload, but mistakes happen.
  4. 1K-2K/mo is where I would like to be.
  5. True, there are still a lot of OOB reports w/ Sig P320's, though. I see more on FB in various Sig groups than I do any other gun. Here's an example that involves a Legion that looks very similar to the author's explosion. Granted, it could've been bad reloads, but still interesting to see the numbers reported out there.
  6. Here's a video of a 320 X5 firing 0.004" out of battery. It is possible on a lot of Browning tilting striker fired guns. https://pistol-forum.com/showthread.php?23557-Sig-P320-quot-failed-FBI-test-miserably-quot&p=679888&viewfull=1#post679888
  7. Good info - guess I really need to take a look at the 650 then. And yes, I am looking to minimize my time producing a given load (development is another thing) once I have everything dialed in.
  8. So, I should skip the 550 completely?
  9. I just started reloading 9mm a few weeks ago w/ a Lee Classic Turret and dies. So far it has been OK, but I keep hearing that Dillon gear is a good upgrade over the Lee products. I am thinking about keeping the Lee Classic Turret around for load development and maybe dedicated decapping since I don't want to get dirty stuff near the Dillon. Dillon would be used for production. I do a fair amount of USPSA/IDPA shooting and the volume the Lee puts out just isn't there for me. Also, for those of you with Dillon 550's - should I go with the Dillon dies and how do they compare with the Lee dies? How do you like the powder measure? I'm using the Lee Auto Disk today, which I like because it does a good job of not leaking fine flake powders like Silhouette. I have a hatred for the Lee Auto Drum because of the leakage issues. Any other upgrades from Dillon that are recommended for the 550?
  10. Looks like an OOB discharge to me or a double charge. There are a fair amount of issues out there with post-recall P320's and out of battery detonations because Sig effectively removed the disconnector from my understanding with the drop safety fix. See the below thread from pistol-forum on the issue. Very similar to your's. In truth, this could happen with factory ammo, so I wouldn't chalk it up to your reloads unless you cannot be sure that you had a double charge. https://pistol-forum.com/showthread.php?31179-Sig-Sauer-P320-Shoots-Out-of-Battery-Allegations
  11. Good to know and lesson learned on the velocity data from Quickload. My intended use case for Quickload with pistol calibers has been getting a good range of loads that I should try out for any given bullet and powder. Would you say it has any value for that?
  12. Good info - I hadn't thought of playing around with the powder burn rate. I've been tweaking the barrel length and once that is done, I can get it accurate for all charges up and down the spectrum of Silhouette, which made me think that I was onto something. Bumping the powder burn rate down also appears to do the same thing. Interesting note on the case capacity - I haven't gone through the excercise yet of filling mine up with water and getting a precise volume measure, but that is probably something that I need to do. At the end of the day I just want to utilize Quickload to get a quick range of loads that I should try and then dial in as appropriate.
  13. I just started reloading and have been using Magtech (CBC) brass from the ammo that I had on hand. I've also picked up a fair amount of Winchester and Federal. While I do like the consistency of the Magtech brass, it definitely has a "firmer" quality compared to the Winchester and Federal. Most of my brass is CBC, so that's what I seat to - that means my Winchester and Federal brass consistently seat 0.005" deeper than than the CBC. There is also a noticeable difference in how it works with resizing.
  14. I'm using a Lee classic turret in manual mode because I stripped the indexing guide, so maybe things will improve when I get a new one in. And yes, I do have some variations in OAL because of mixed brass. Usually, my OAL variation is between 0.001" to 0.009". Edit: My powder meter is a Lee Pro Auto Disk. I did use the Auto Drum for awhile, but it leaked a significant amount of Silhouette. I've had much better luck with Pro Auto Disk and powder leakage. The Pro Auto Disk seems to be consistently throwing loads to +/- 0.1.
  15. I am relatively new to reloading and started w/ 9mm minor powered rounds. Powder supplies have been limited here locally, so I am working with Silhouette and Universal. I understand that Silhouette is not the best 9mm minor powder, but supposedly meters well and is accurate even though it is dirty at lower charges. With that said, today was the 1st opportunity that I had to chronograph some of my loads. I also modeled them with Quickload and found some interesting discrepancies. My loads are obviously not very consistent. Any thoughts on why and why the Quickload data is off? For a baseline I shot a few rounds of my Magtech 124gr FMJ to confirm the chronograph was functioning correctly, which it appears that was the case. All of the data assumes a 4.7" barrel, which is what I shot with my Sig P320 Full Size. If I change Quickload to a 4" barrel, then the data is much more inline with Quickload. The bullet type in Quickload is set to .355, 124, RN Rainier 9mm, which from my understanding is pretty close to the Berry's 124gr RN bullets.
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