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  1. If you read the thread, you'd see I already have a chrono. Not helpful?
  2. Great, so now we have 3 opinions on this thread. 1) 2" shift is expected between heavier and lighter bullets based on barrel time 2) POI should be the same if same bullet weight, but different charge 3) POI should be the same if different bullet weight, and same charge
  3. I am having a 2" shift with that approach between the lighter and heavier bullets. I went and tested loads today with the same charge - the only difference was the bullet, which was 140gr vs 180gr. Velocities were more or less equal.
  4. Yup, I chrono'd the loads. The 140gr minor load had an average velocity of 982fps and the 180gr major load had an average velocity of 940fps. Based on my math, that means the major load was in my 5" barrel for 0.00044s and the minor load was in the barrel for 0.00042. Is there a special formula for bore time other than (barrel length in inches)/(bullet velocity fps * 12)? Seems our numbers are a bit different and your calculation is closer to a 9" barrel than a 5". Edit: Actually, I'm sure there is another formula than just a simple distance/velocity calculation since I'm assuming
  5. I have seen various posts on the forum that indicate it is completely normal to see heavier bullets shoot higher than lighter bullets. Some other posts say that POI should be the same between major and minor 40 S&W loads. While testing some loads recently I noticed my minor loads shooting 2 inches lower than my major loads at 15 yards. I am keeping the powder charge the same and just dropping a lighter bullet into the round (180 vs 140gr). Both loads group well so I’m not worried about accuracy, sights or technique but the 2 inch difference in elevation is consistent. PF is aro
  6. Haven't found much for fixing it on the XL750, which is why I did the post. And yes, I did find where people are doing the shim for the XL650, which apparently isn't applicable to the XL750's priming system. Going to give Dillon a call soon, and see what they say. Also interested to see if I have the issue w/ 40 once I get the conversion kit & dies in for that.
  7. Very little smoke from N320. I've used plated, coated, and FMJ bullets with it. Can't recall a time where I remember seeing smoke.
  8. I haven't used N340, but my understanding is that it is used in high pressure, self defense type loads for 9mm and 40 S&W. I thought about getting some recently for my 40 major loads, but my research caused me to reconsider. If you're looking for powders, Grafs has some e3 in stock, which is a good powder for minor 9mm or 40 S&W. I haven't seen much else for powders online. My preferred 9mm minor load is N320.
  9. Bought my first Dillon, an XL750, a few months ago and set it up to load 9mm. So far everything has been great, except for one annoying and persistent issue. Every 100 rounds or so, I'll have a handful with high primers that I just end up correct with my Lee turret. Most of the time it is S&B and other brass with tight primer pockets, but sometimes it is Winchester, Federal, or Blazer. I typically use Winchester small pistol primers, which I know have some issues with primer shape, but the problem also happens with CCI primers. I've adjusted the shell plate to make sure it is
  10. Check out Iowa Brass. $0.04/case for polished and clean brass. Great guys and excellent shipping times. They can do some processing (roll sizing). If you specify a headstamp preference in your order they will try to give you as much as possible in your order. https://iabrass.com/
  11. My minor load is 4.0gr of N320 @ 1.18" OAL. PF is around 140. Probably not helpful, but I load my major rounds at 1.135" OAL and 4.6gr of N320 for 165-169PF. All bullets are 180gr. Also, 5" barrel 1911.
  12. Yes, the blue marks. There are at least two that are very visible on the target. One to the immediate left of the A and the other one on the far left of the headbox towards the top. There are also multiple holes that don't have the blue mark, but a protrusion that cut into the target at various orientations. There are many more of those. The other post that I linked from 2018 has a quote from Berrys about it being caused by a pedal or a flake of the plating protruding from the bullet after it exited the barrel. That post had a lot more blue marks than mine, but the similarities are hard to ign
  13. That's fair. I'm not suggesting that the swaging is directly causing my accuracy issues. I know there are a lot of people on this forum that believe any amount of swaging is a bad thing, though, so I'm conscious of it when I see it on my pulled bullets. I have loaded many rounds with the Lee FCD and Berrys 124gr 9mm and have had no issues with accuracy there. My 9mm rounds have similar swaging marks on them with no issues, which is similar to your experience with the Lee FCD. The only thing that I have seen that is of concern with my reloads is the marks around the holes on the tar
  14. Crazy thing is that it was a small amount of crimp as far as the FCD goes. Under half a turn after the case mouth touches per the usual Lee instructions. That got me to .420” at the case mouth, which isn’t crazy. With no crimp on the FCD the carbide ring still swages the bullet and leaves a ring around the bullet as you can see from the 2nd picture of the pulled bullets that I took. Seems my only option to not use the FCD at all.. My U-die does take care of the bulge, but with some brass shavings where the bulge is. That’s a separate issue, which I’m not sure is an issu
  15. I just started reloading my first 40 S&W in the last couple of months for a BUL Armory 1911 that I purchased to shoot SS major/minor. My first few trips to the range to test my reloads resulted in less than desirable accuracy. The accuracy wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either. Definitely not what I am used to shooting with my Limited 9mm gun that can group well at 25 yards. I thought part of the problem was me being new to shooting 40 S&W loaded for major, and got to a point where accuracy was good enough for a typical match, but still not satisified. As far as the l
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