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  1. BBI does not have a 125gr RN - the 125gr is a TCN profile. The 135gr is a RN. Generally, loading coated bullets will let you run with less powder for the same PF than with equivalent FMJ bullet. In the case of N320, I have found it to be anywhere from 0.2gr-0.3gr of powder difference. The only issue with coated is generally the profiles are different than FMJ or plated bullets. TCN in the case of 125. Some guns like CZs and other Europeans guns that are throated to SAAMI specs will need to be loaded to a shorter OAL than FMJ or plated RN bullets. Probably not a huge issue since I
  2. I've been shooting Limited w/ my BUL Armory 2011 for the last few months using an RHT holster. Decided to upgrade to the DAA Alpha-X. So far I've been pretty impressed with the holster, but it is a change from a standard holster. I do have a few questions around best practices for using a race holster in Limited and when to lock/unlock. Here's my thought process. Let me know if anything is wrong. Holster will be locked prior to the LAMR command. When given the LAMR command, I would unlock the holster, LAMR, and re-holster leaving it unlocked. What are some ways you guys make
  3. @Chutistdon't sweat any lack of published load data from VV on N320. N320 is a super flexible & safe minor powder and the more you use it, the more you'll get a feel for a starting load or a load range, given a certain OAL and bullet type. You'll pretty much be dealing with load ranges from 3.2gr on the low end all the way up to 4.2-4.4gr on the high-end for minor depending on bullet type and OAL. Here's my N320 load data using 124gr/125gr/135gr plated/coated/FMJ bullets. This is out of a BUL Armory 2011 w/ 5" barrel, FYI. Your velocities may be slightly higher or lower depending on barrel
  4. I would not recommend Silhouette/WAP for 9mm minor loads. I started reloading 6 months ago, and Silhouette was what I got my hands on 1st, as far as powder goes. I ended up with a minor load of 5.4gr of Silhouette, 1.125" OAL, and Berrys 124gr RN. PF was around 133. While the load felt great, it is very dirty, and you will end up with the trademark Silhouette cornmeal in your gun. In my case, it got into the striker pin channel of my P320 and clogged it up, and got into every nook and cranny of my BUL Armory SAS2 limited gun. Cornmeal was also in the magazines. On the other hand,
  5. Fellow BUL SAS2 owner here. Also check out the DAA Alpha-X race holster. There's a specific block insert for the BUL. I'm still running the RHT, but I've thought about getting one of the Alpha-X's soon. https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/alpha-x-holster
  6. I made the mistake of trying their coated bullets to begin with my 1st attempt at loading coated. The new owner is a nice guy, and he has been working OT with everything going on, so I can understand why he wanted to get out. Back to the bullets - I have a lot of trouble loading the newer Falcon Bullets. They ogive is ridiculous compared to BBI and I have to load them very short to plunk. The coating seems decent, but I don't like the profile compared to BBI. Also, last time I spoke with the owner he mentioned the price of lead from his supplier has gone up significantly, so I'm s
  7. I put some cotton balls in the bullet puller, and pulled a few bullets - no cuts on the base! Thanks guys. Good to know my rounds aren't bad.
  8. @zombywoof @BJB the puller totally makes sense. I'll throw some cotton balls in there tonight and give it a try. For some reason my plated bullets don't show it but the coated ones do. Figure that's just because the plated are harder than the coated ones?
  9. Yes, they're at the base and right around 180 agrees opposed on the base. The cuts vary across each bullet - some are deep and others are just surface scratches. Then again, when I pull a bullet with a bullet puller, it can be one or two hits or 3+ to get the bullet out.
  10. Wow, I didn't even think about that. Good to know. I was worried those deep cuts were actually being done when I seated the bullet, and figured it would be awful for accuracy, etc. to shoot the rounds.
  11. I thought there was a very remote possibility my bullet puller could be doing it, but I figured since the scratches were going into the bullet it had to be seating and not the puller. Are you thinking it is the puller?
  12. Also forgot to mention that I'm using the Redding competition seating die thinking that the bullets were going in misaligned.
  13. No, that's the weird thing. I'm flaring enough to seat the base deeper than the case mouth with the M-die. I've tried the other way, but just seating the bullet on the case shoulder, and the result is the same. No bullet feeder.
  14. Any idea what's causing these deep scrapes into the base of the bullet? There is one each side about 180 degrees apart from the other one. This is a BBI 125 TCN. I started getting these when I switched to coated bullets on my Lee 4-die set, so I purchased a Lyman M-die and replacing the FCD with a Redding taper crimp die. The Lyman M-die has definitely helped with shaving the coating, but I'm still getting these weird cuts at the base of the bullet. Edit: forgot to mention that I'm using the Redding competition seating die because I thought the bullets weren't going in straight. I
  15. As an update, I got to chronograph some loads today with the Falcoat 125gr TCN bullets & N320. This is mixed brass, so very happy with the numbers. I'll probably end up going 3.6 or 3.8 grains based on the data.
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