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  1. Looks pretty clean. I do see some cornmeal in the locking lug recesses, but looks cleaner than my loads for sure. Not sure if it is a new lot or an old lot issue. My 8# jug lot number is 80322212051. Purchased a few weeks ago from Powder Valley.
  2. @regor@HesedTech@Farmer@Jim Watson@M1A4ME@RePete@NoSteel@AverageJoeShooting@zzt@Rnlinebacker@Guy Neill@38super@TONY BARONE@BoyGlock@dansedgli@CocoBolo@36873687@Sarge@Aircooled6racer Turns out that I may have some bullet setback issues. I got my Redding titanium sizing die in today and decided to load up a few dummy rounds for plunk & set back testing. Used a combination of FC, Blazer, and GFL headstamp brass. The FC and GFL did OK on setback testing, but the Blazer cases flunked - around 0.010" setback after a couple of chamberings. I then took the Blazer cases and pressed them
  3. Despite my KB I still plan to shoot 9 Major in open. I did fire 100 rounds after the KB happened to verify function of the gun without any issues. I think at this point it was a combination of issues. Possible weak brass. Possible OOB caused by debris in the gun. Will I be a bit more careful with my brass selection and inspect cases more? Yes. Not sure if I'll go as far as to buy once fired roll sized brass, but we'll see. Will I stop recycling my major cases 4 or more times? Probably. Will I likely switch powders in the short term to something cleaner to
  4. @zzt Here's some pics that I just took. It has been disassembled a few times, so some of the cornmeal has come out of it, but I think this will give you a good idea as far as the amount of fouling that I'm getting w/ AA7.
  5. Yeah, I don't know what the deal with my lot of AA7 is. It kills me that it shoots great, but leaves the cornmeal like it does. Really, really wanted to make it work. I've heard different lots are cleaner than other lots, maybe I just have a bad lot, but it has caused nothing for problems with my gun since I started shooting it and this last session was very dry (not going to say completely dry on oil). I had no idea AA7 compressed that well. Maybe I did have bullet setback then. I do use the Dillon sizer, and I've heard mixed things. Some people say it sizes great, some people say
  6. Yep! The cornmeal was nowhere near as bad. Maybe I'll give it a try instead of going back to N350, which is a bit high pressure for my taste until I get some 3N38 to try out. I would say the cornmeal with AA7 is at least 2x to 3x worse.
  7. @regor@HesedTech@Farmer@Jim Watson@M1A4ME@RePete@NoSteel@AverageJoeShooting@zzt@Rnlinebacker@Guy Neill@38super@TONY BARONE@BoyGlock As far bullet setback goes, I've tested setback quite a bit by chambering dummy rounds and I haven't had any noticeable setback. 9.6gr of AA7 fills up 97% of the case to where the bullet gets seated, so there would be very little room for the bullet to move back further into the case. I also think that AA7 doesn't compress well, but others can correct me there. I'm using a Dillon sizing die that creates a very nice coke bottle shape. I shou
  8. I've actually been in contact w/ David (TheHumbleMarksman) after my incident. I saw his YT video on a KB last week and thought about it to myself right before this range session where I had my KB. The brass he had it with was range pickups and he has not had any with once-fired roll-sized brass. His KBs were with HS-6 and he has now switched to SWMP/AA7. He is shooting a slightly lighter load than mine (9.3 SWMP vs 9.6 AA7), which is probably close to being the same given the very slight difference between SWMP and AA7.
  9. I had the same question on your Out of Battery point. Sounds like you’re thinking weakness in the brass is the cause here?
  10. No damage to the gun. The chamber looks fine. I shot another 100 rounds after the KB to confirm function, and no issues at all. Here's what a dummy round looks like when chambered just to see the case support if anyone is interested.
  11. Here are some more pictures of the case. There is a slight buldge/very thincrack that runs along the bottom 5th of the case and turns in towards the extractor groove. The case rupture is also oddly symmetrical and almost looks like a mirror of the feed ramp.
  12. @zzt @Rnlinebacker@Guy Neill Thanks for the feedback guys. I really hope it wasn't out of battery. I am running AA7 and the gun was kind of dirty, so the debris story is possible. Here's a pic of the primer. Any chance the powder dropper taking me from 9.6 to say 10.5 or 11 with a 124gr bullet could've caused this? I've run 10.0gr loads before in the gun and it hit 180-185PF, which is way over what I needed so I backed it down. I'm also running a 9# spring, which I don't think is horribly light. If it was OOB, what could I do to troubleshoot? I have tested
  13. Went to the range today for a practice session to shoot my BUL SAS2 UR that I've probably put 1300 rounds through at this point. My standard load is now 9.6gr of AA7 @ 1.160 OAL using a 124gr FMJ, so nothing special. The load runs the comp well and feels good. About 100 rounds into the practice session, I had my first Ka-boom. After a few seconds of shock and making sure I had my fingers and no punctures, I see the magazine spring laying on the ground along with the rounds that were left in the magazine, as well as the base plate for the 170mm mag, which is plastic and has been sheared off. It
  14. Brass Monkey makes some great bullets. Very consistent and the coating is high quality. I've been using their 180gr and 140gr (which is pretty unique to them) for 40 cal major and minor, respectively. Currently trying their 127gr 9mm conicals for open. Jason is always great to work with and they ship same day or next day on the order. They recently started trial packs.
  15. Gilbert is a great dude. I've consumed more of his time than I deserve and he has never hesitated to help me when it is usually user error.
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