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  1. Did ya change your striker spring or keep it stock? I'm having the same issues. Opened the candy cane at like 0.023" right now but still getting about 3 light strikes every couple hundred rounds. I think that the apex block isn't releasing the striker fully so I'd like to try your fix and install the stock striker block with the apex spring.
  2. Update: Springer precision +6 pads working great. Can fit 23 with the last round being tough (but possible) to load. Passed the equipment check at major matches. My only complaint is that the tiny screw that provides the retention on the magazines keep getting stripped and makes removing the base pads for cleaning at a match a hassle. 10/10 Would recommend, but TTI basepads would be better IMO because it's easier to remove for cleaning a mag during a match.
  3. Omg I wish I knew about these earlier! How are they? Would they fit the 140mm Guage?
  4. Do I have to do this to get the +5? If so don't want to butcher it. Any links to any videos?
  5. Just bought some springers! Were you able to run +6 on them?
  6. thanks bud! I will look into it but looking for alternatives of the major extended magazine pads
  7. Hi all! I'm new into the competition world, currently shooting an M&P 9 Pro Core with Apex FSS trigger and running a vortex razor on the M&P. I'm looking to purchase some extended magazine base pads that meet the USPSA 140mm rule. I've checked out the TTI and TF but is currently out of my price range. Any others you guys can recommend on the somewhat cheaper price range that runs well? Or is there a place that's selling them for a little cheaper? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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