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  1. Saw this a little late. I actually went back in and milled out what remained of the dust cover webbing to the same width of the rest of the slide. Shot a high round count match the other weekend and the gun got sluggish near the end cause that area was scraping past a bunch of fouling. Got an 8 lbs PD spring in it now and didnt need to clip it. I've put about 3k through it since I stroked it and the gun has run beautifully. Hope it stays that way.
  2. Got it done earlier today and put a few hundred rounds through it. Big difference! Gun feels smoother and funny enough it actually ejects sideways instead of straight forward into the mount. Took .325" off and had to clip a couple coils off the recoil spring. Thanks for the help guys!
  3. Guess I should have mentioned it is a Gold Team I'm working on. Shot a match with it yesterday so I havent messed with it yet. Looks like taking off .320-.330" is the sweet spot for the recoil spring compressed length. And your disclaimer is heard loud and clear
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. Interesting that they went to a longer stroke with the Dominas. I'll do mine this weekend and let you know how it goes
  5. Seen a few people around here running stroked GTs, thinking about throwing my slide on the mill and doing the same. How do you guys feel about your stroked open guns after running them for awhile? Do they shoot any softer? Flatter? Any issues crop up?
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