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    RIFLE: Varmint shooting<br>SHOTGUN: Trap Shooting<br>HANDGUNS:<br>ISSF (Bulls-eye): Air-pistol, Standard pistol, Rapid-fire, Centrefire.<br>Service Pistol (similar to PPC).<br>Pin shooting, Steel challenge<br>Re-loading.<br>Casting lead projectiles.<p>Fishing and prawning.<p>Classical music and Opera
  1. Dave, Have you sized your barrel and cylinders.? If they are larger in dia than these projectiles then your accuracy will suffer. I once tried 356 dia in a tight barrel revolver but had trouble with the projectiles backing out of the case under recoil with higher velocities. A heavy roll crimp can distort the projectile so I eventually went back to larger dia projectiles.
  2. I owned a Python and a Smith 686 with the firing pin on the hammer. The Python's DA tended to stack and I could never get it as smooth or as reliably light as the Smith. I eventually traded the Python for one of the new Smith 629C's with the firing pin in the frame. I could never get as good a trigger performance on this as my 686 or as my Smith 29C with the firing pin on the hammer. If I were buying another 357 revolver for use DA I'd still buy a Smith.
  3. I always seated primers 6 thou below for my tuned revolvers and always used Federals. This is because the hammer strike is weaker on a tuned DA revolver and you need to ensure that the primer doesn't seat any further. It's not so critical on an auto.
  4. The recipe for an accurate revolver is: The barrel diameter just in front of the forcing cone should be 0.0005" more than at the muzzle. The cylinder exit diameter another 0.0005" larger, and the projectile another 0.0005" larger again. Inaccuracy comes from projectiles smaller in diameter than the cylinder exit and, even worse, a barrel diameter larger than the cylinder exit.
  5. I sometimes had this problem with brass that had been reloaded many times. With new brass the problem disappeared.
  6. The cut-off point is when Smith stopped putting the firing pin on the hammer. This "improvement" was in conjunction with other "improvements" which sum toalled three backward steps. Most noticeable is the increased work and difficulty in improving th e DA trigger pull on the new models but there is also a substantial decrease in quality.
  7. I have always thought that this quote applied particularly to our Australian Prime Minister, The Honourable (??) John Howard NBG.
  8. Is this culinary delight to be known as a "Bambi Burger"?
  9. I agree. I rate "The Travels of Jamie McPheeters" the same way. But it was interesting for the fact that it was a childhood role for Kurt Russell and a very early role for Charles Bronson. I dont think anyone has yet mentioned "Wagon Train".
  10. George D

    Zen this!

    He who knows does not say. He who says does not know. -Lao Tse
  11. Maybe so, but BerKim was replying to SG's question, and came up with the correct answer.
  12. Landon also played the part of the father of the family in "Little House on the Prarie", as BerKim suggested. Before he died he stated that he hoped this would be the role for which he was remembered.
  13. My Father is still very active and he is 88. Be happy and hope you inherit his genes.
  14. George D


    To receive that much positive karma you must have been doing some really good things. Hope the good times continue.
  15. Whoa, major thread drift here. Aren't there special forums for this type of thing?
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