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  1. LOL. Ok that is the right stuff. I thought maybe you were using something like this:
  2. I have not seen one shot case lube in a pump bottle. It is usually in an aerosol can. Are you using Hornady One Shot Case Lube, or one of Hornady's other One Shot branded cleaners/lubes? I use the one shot case lube in a similar fashion as you, and I have seen a lot of people using it the same way as well.
  3. If you have a 3d printer, or know someone that does, you can find the files to build one. Here is a vid of one in action:
  4. Interested in seeing some pics and hearing some reviews when you guys start getting yours.
  5. Does their tool head include a shell plate and indexing modification to support an additional station? I have been leaning towards getting the Mark 7 because I want powder check, bullet drop and separate seat and crimp. If the Dillon supported this it would be a pretty easy decision.
  6. Nice. I thought maybe you guys were showcasing a new offering from HK. They look like fun.
  7. Is HK offering a SBR SP5 or were these conversions?
  8. You would probably need to process your brass first to free up a station, but the RCBS lock out die will stop you from advancing if your powder charge is +/- .3 gr of what you adjusted it for. I have never tested its claimed accuracy, but it will definitely detect a no charge or double charge of a target 3 gr.
  9. Is the aluminum end on the spring going into the case feeder held in with a set screw or just friction?
  10. I have had great luck with the Chips. Couple buddies love their Tripp Research (arguably the best in their opinion).
  11. Have you seen the video on this thread? https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/285018-red-lnl-ap-vs-blue-xl750/ Here is my $.02. Short Version: I have the Hornady LNL. I have never used a Dillon. If I was going to stick to a strict $600 or less budget I would get the LNL every time. If I was willing to spend a little more I might would consider the 750. Long Version to support the short above. You might only be shooting 600 rounds a month now and you might be ok with basic and simple to start with. But, you have already said if you end up $1500 into it e
  12. I have the Blackdog ones from TandemKross. The holster fits the Mark IV Lite with Holosun 507C and the Gamechanger pro comp great. I did put the tandemkross *thumb rest [generic]* (thumb rest) on my son's Mark IV so I did have to mod the holster to accommodate that.
  13. Is the new primer system up on their website? I tried to find it on the site but did not see it.
  14. Southern shine media is the company that sells the SS chips on Facebook. I just bought some and have used them once so far on some 6.5 creedmore brass. I am really happy with the results. I was using the pins that came with the franklin armory tumbler. With the 6.5 brass I had issues with some pins getting lodged in the neck. Some of the pins I guess are a little shorter and somehow get wedged into the primer pocket. With chips I did not have any issues, and I think they may have even cleaned a little better.
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