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  1. Yeah they seemed to have gone quick. I usually get the 115RN, but they were out so I picked up 3750 of the 124g JHP
  2. Just a PSA I know components are getting hard to find.
  3. I ended up getting the Armory Craft adjustable with the GG kit. I haven’t had time to install it yet.
  4. I pull the shellplate occasionally and blow off spilled powder. I think I cleaned the 650 maybe 10-12,000 rounds ago. Daily? No thanks.
  5. Update: as other have suggested the line goes away after sizing so as a number of you have pointed out I probably picked up some walther brass.
  6. Pistol? No way. As others have stated for rifle it's possible if you're chasing 10ths of an MOA. I do like the Redding FL bushing dies and competition seating dies for .308/6.5CM/338LM. Pistol its Dillon Carbide.
  7. No, but why not just set the par time? That’s what I do and I think you’ll find that a lot of people do.
  8. It's a tapered case and as others have suggested you OAL is too short. You're jamming the bullet into the case wall seating them too deep.
  9. I dont have a bullet feeder I have the seating die in 4 and the crimp in 5. My powder drop is always in #3 whether it's .223 or 9mm on a 650 XL
  10. Seems like it. I recently switched to wet tumbling and all the brass is so damned clean I’m noticing a lot more. I’ve probably loaded tons of them without even knowing.
  11. I'll run a few through the sizing die to see.
  12. That's the problem I'm not sure if it's my brass or not. I usually go out once a week and shoot about 200 rounds of pistol. If I'm shooting in one of the outdoor bays there's a lot of other brass laying around. If I'm shooting in one of the covered ranges it has a concrete floor and everything I sweep up is my brass. After tumbling I find a few of these and I'm sure several have made their way into the case feeder. None of my loaded rounds have any issues. I was just curious and the line reminds me of the ring you get on rifle brass at the head before you start getting case head separation.
  13. It’s not dotted line they generally are. Looks like a line from a crimp but left after the fact. no hump. Could be from a previous crimp, but it’s not on all cases. All my rounds are tapered to .375 for the last 7 or 8k.
  14. I only own one Walhter and it's a PPS M2 that I carry, it's not that. I've been shooting mostly the 320 x-5 lately
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