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  1. I’ve been shooting 135gr Xtreme rnfp and hp in my stock II for a couple of years. I switched from Montana Gold 124 hp which I’d been shooting for years prior to that in the Stock II, glock, M&P, and CZ Shadow. While I loved the soft recoil impulse of a 147gr bullet in minor, I always felt like I was waiting for the gun if that makes any sense. I switched to the 124gr bullet to get a faster impulse and just dealt with the snappier felt recoil. When Xtreme came out with the 135gr rnfp I did side by side testing and found the accuracy to be the same while the impulse was fast yet soft. Pretty
  2. Got it! Thank you and my apologies for the naive question. ?
  3. Haha no offense taken at all! I don’t keep super current on this forum. Just subscribed to it recently. Seriously is the limpro no longer being imported but EAA? I have a lim Pro (or at least I thought it was a lim pro) that’s been sitting in my safe for ages now. I shoot my stock II in Production so the other gun never sees any time in a holster.
  4. So as soon as you can get your hands on the limpro that’s got a new name but is identical to the current Limpro you’ll take pictures for us of the identical gun that we already know? Am I missing something? Is the limpro currently not available through EAA or something?
  5. Anyone up for taking off their al Eric grips and measuring their thickness with a caliper? I'd like to check the thickness against the stock wooden grips. Thanks! Kevin
  6. is annoyed at his inability to reload smoothly. =[

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