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  1. The length is overall length form tip to head. With the way these bolts slam the titanium being much lighter than steel may not jostle around as much reducing some of the stress.
  2. I compared all my firing pins to see where they are different. The one on left is the pin that came in my Faxon bolt that the tip got damaged and started piercing primers. I was able to reshape it a bit with a stone. Better but not fixed. Next is the CMMG I've been running with no problems. The next one is a Wilson I fired a few rounds with to make sure it worked. Last is the ICRW that I ran 100 rounds so far with no problem. I did some measurements and found the tips to be mostly the same .065" The length was the same with the Faxon and Wilson 2.642" The CMMG 2.650" and the ICRW being t
  3. Nice! How do you like your Mohawk red Bolts? They seem to be some of the best.
  4. I tried the MBT in my AR9 running the latest Faxon bolt and the hammer would follow quite often. I'm now running the CMC ar9 trigger with no problems.
  5. Spikes Glock upper and lower. Faxon 14.5" barrel and BCG. CMMG firing pin. CMC trigger with KNS non rotating pins. Blitzkrieg hydraulic buffer system. BCM handguard. 6.25 lbs. with sight installed.
  6. What could be happening the trigger is not fully at the rear due to recoil backing the trigger from your finger when the bolt is cocking the hammer causing the hammer to fallow. If the trigger is not fully pulled at the time the bolt ramp depresses the hammer the latch doesn't catch it.
  7. I have the 14.5" Faxon with machined flash hider. This is a very accurate barrel with 147gr ammo and has no muzzle jump. The chamber looks like the nitride was cleaned up.
  8. I'm running Blitzkrieg's high dampened kit in a carbine buffer tube with a 14.5" barrel. The orange .308 carbine spring is quite stiff when compressed and you can feel when you start to compress the buffer at the end of the stroke. This dampens the shock of the bcg / buffer group contacting the end of the buffer tube quite well over the solid 7.5 oz buffer. I shoot full power factory loads . Mostly The cheapest brass case 115gr but my gun is most accurate with 147gr . The 147gr. shoots quite soft with little bounce.
  9. Gunmagwarehouse has all the ETS mags and the 40 round may be on sale. I found the 40 round to easy to load 40 rounds and seat on a closed bolt.
  10. I've been running the CMC 9mm trigger in my build for about 200-250 rds. I just checked the pull with my RCBS gage @ 3.25 lbs. Over travel is near nothing with a short but tactical reset. So far I'm not seeing any unusual wear from using this trigger. I'm holding the trigger group in with KNS non rotating pins.
  11. Auto .22 rimfire does the same thing. Just not as much.
  12. I mostly carry appendix 43x in the light tuck. In cooler weather 19x.
  13. grease the threads and use vice grips to back the washer off.
  14. I get great velocity and accuracy using CFE223 behind 55-60gr bullets. With 77gr SMK CFE223 gave good velocity but couldn't find the accuracy that Varget gave. I single load 77 SMKs with Varget using the Charge master lite. ARBilly
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