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  1. If the competitor calls it himself, then it's no different than a gun malfunction during a course of fire.
  2. Styro

    P226 mag drop issue

    Sounds like a defective mag. I've bought those.
  3. Agreed. I just recently tried Precision Delta, Acme and Precision bullets from prize table prizes, but the best accuracy, less smoke and toughest coating was with the j-ames bullets. Especially in my M&P 40, STI 5" 1911 and Glock 19 and 20. Real reliable feeding too. That J-ames bullets was the one company I really originally liked, but I won bullets at matches and tried them for shiggles and now I'm back to what I always liked. I just re-ordered from j-ames a week ago, they said they are so swamped with orders, they can only ship 1,500 max per order. well, kind of disappointing, but no problem the shipping is free so I don't care about making multiple orders. "For some reason it hates slow rounds (less than 1000 fps) ." --- ^ That's likely due to the twist rate of your barrel and bullet weight. I had that same problem until I changed out the barrel.
  4. You should just wait for those coated bullets to arrive. Scraping out encrusted lead deposits is a real chore.......
  5. So you're saying it's OK to fully grip a holstered unloaded gun on a cold range? The rules say that "handling" of firearms can only be done at the "Safe Table" or "during/under direct command of a Range Officer" I am still unsure of what is actually allowed and what is not when it comes to "handling" of firearms.
  6. Is it a violation of USPSA or SCSA Rules to be standing around the range with your unloaded handgun in your holster and have your shooting hand wrapped completely around the grip of that gun the same way it would be if you were drawing and shooting the gun? I'm thinking it may be a DQ because it's "handling a firearm" outside of a hot range course of fire without a range officer giving you the command to handle a firearm??
  7. The stage designer should be DQ'd The RO should be DQ'd
  8. Who cares if they ship in 3 days or a week. They probably sell a lot less is why. Higher quality shipped in a reasonable time is all that matters.
  9. I need to buy a fancy open gun and get into that!
  10. Try these guys. Great company. Great customer service. Good prices. Fast shipping. https://www.gunsprings.com/
  11. I think that's a spring roll pin. Replace with a new one but use the red high strength locktite when you replace it.
  12. I like that magwell. Who makes it?
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