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  1. There is the "it's unloaded!" attitude, and it's problem. One of the 4 basic rules is Treat All Guns As Loaded All The Time. Another Don't Point The Muzzle at Anything You Aren't Willing To Destroy. Seems simple to me and I encounter it out of 150 shooters maybe once or more. Rules or no rules don't point a gun at me or anyone else, ever. Easy I just wanted to edit and add that I myself taken a trip to dairy queen, with good reason and have seen others DQ also. Just saying that the goal should be to start from the 4 basic rules of safe gun handling and if only 1 is broken at a time, no-one gets shot. I like that margin of error for the deadly weapons we use for the sport/game. "It's empty!" Comes up way too often
  2. Ended up cutting off the rail section right under my hand from the top, it made the grip smaller and more round, I may do the front one also, there is a big airgap anyway so it doesn't really make it weaker I think.
  3. Yea after looking at it hard, it seems the gas block and gas tube won't clear the bottom if I flip it. Nice poem there, it isn't round and large enough to clear like a jp would be, it's octagonal with flats on the sides and bottom which wouldn't clear. I may go ahead and cut the section where the thumb goes over and try that.
  4. My buddy had one in the 12ga during a match. I heard it but he nor the Ro did. He just kept shooting 4 or 5 more shells before I could get him stopped. It blew out the barrel just in front of his hand. Banana. I don't shoot gun club in my semi anymore.
  5. Sure, but then you still have the pic rail across the top, that's the main thing I'm trying to delete, without spending $ on a new rail.
  6. Maybe I'm bieng dumb but has anyone done this? I don't run buis on my 3gun rifle and I like the feel of a more rounded top with a thumb over grip. I know I would have to make clearance for my gas block but then I gain a flat grippy rail across the bottom and can ditch my pic rail section I use for occasional bipod use. I figure it will shed an ounce or two and give me a more stable platform on props. Anyone try it? Also I'm cheap and it is a cheap handguard, aluminum and I don't mind "messing it up" the nut allows for 4 positions it would seem.
  7. I often miss the last steel, sometimes a few times. Once I get through an array my mind moves into the next position, usually before that last one falls!!! Texas star plate rack or falling steel....
  8. Thanks for the tips on the ambi safeties. I'm looking for a single-side wide highrise. Not an ambi. If I end up having to get an ambi I'll check out those ones mentioned. For 3gun I'd rather fumble some on my weak hand only instead of worrying about my safety coming off in a dump bucket
  9. What thumb safeties are people using with this grip? I'd like a high ride and with the no grip left side retainer leg thing on these I'm having a hard time finding one that will work. Either a no leg ambi or a high ride single side safety. Can't wait for mine to come in the mail
  10. Bummer, thanks for sharing so we can learn too
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