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  1. That does seem odd. I wondered the same thing.
  2. I’m happy with the one that CGW done for me. I’m also happy with my mult-optic cut from CZC on my SP-01.
  3. I too have been looking for one for my wife. Unfortunate to see it take so long for an actual release. I’m no Glock fanboy but they do new gun releases better than anyone in the industry. They announce a new gun and it’s on the shelf in local gun shops within a few weeks. The others could take some notes here.
  4. The Honcho is single action so it could not be ran in CO. With an optic that would be an open gun.
  5. That’s across all optics. I’ve been shooting CO since 17. I would say 60% of those rounds have been with a Holosun and 30% with the DPP. The other various options make up the other 10%.
  6. Very true. I would say around 20k-30k since 2017.
  7. 507C V2 as well as the original V1. No issues at all. Proper index of the gun alleviates 99% of issues with finding the dot.
  8. Good stuff. Thanks for posting that.
  9. I’ve had similar issues with my P10-C. Kind of disappointing since it’s considered a utility style handgun.
  10. I have tried the Holosun, DPP, SRO, and most recently the Sig Max 3. I haven’t any issues at all with any of them. I think I prefer the Holosun over all of them mainly because that’s what is on my carry gun. All of them have worked well for me dating back to 2017 and several thousand rounds.
  11. Looking more like a 2021 release at this point? Which realistically means 2022 before anyone who isn’t willing to pay full MSRP? Bummer
  12. Got lucky and scored one of these over the weekend. Looking forward to getting it up to speed and to a match!
  13. Interestingly enough, I’m just the opposite. I prefer the my HBI equipped P10 trigger over my Apexed M&P trigger. But, I prefer the grip and slide of the M&P more. All of this is just proof that each person is different and likes what they like. Neither gun is going to be holding me back I’m sure!
  14. Planning to pickup some Henning 140mm base pads soon. I like the P10, but I’m still undecided if I like it more than my M&P. I feel like they both have their strong and weak points.
  15. I would think buying a new gun and selling the complete slide, barrel, etc would be the cheaper and easier thing to do. Slides are easy to sell on the used market and should get you at least half of your money back.
  16. The FM-9 has ran well for me so far. I swapped in a Hiperfire trigger along with a few other things and I’m very pleased with it.
  17. New guy here from the upstate of SC. Shoot mostly USPSA and some multigun. Looking forward to learning and interacting with you all. Thanks for creating a place to let us all share knowledge and experience.
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