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  1. Update: I emailed Lynn earlier today and she said I can continue to use my AIWB setup for future matches
  2. Yep, heard of him a couple of years ago and have also been watching Les Kismartoni and older videos of Jay Beal
  3. Thank You guys once again. I'll email them with said link and the specific sections in the rule book 5.2.6 and 3.3.
  4. Hey all, My first post here. I just did my first USPSA match today at Shadow Hawk Defense in Hedgesville, WV and everyone was nice and really helpful. Lynn, the owner of Shadow Hawk Defense, even emailed me yesterday saying she would buddy me up with someone to help me out throughout the match. Everyone in my squad was helpful and patient with my noobness. After I did my first stage, I was notified that AIWB wasnt allowed, but Lynn would let me finish the match because it was my first match and I didn't have any other gear. After the match was over, Lynn came over to me to check up on me and I told her everything went well and thanked her. We briefly talked about AIWB and how I thought it was allowed in Open division, but she said it wasn't allowed even in Open division. I know there are already other threads about this topic, but I found this from 5/1/2019 https://nroi.org/q-of-month-results/are-iwb-aiwb-holsters-legal/ Doesn't that technically mean AIWB is allowed in Open Division? Unless something changed in the 2020 rulebook and I missed it. -Chris
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