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  1. Sorry this reply is late, but have you tried simply actuating the powder measure by hand(using your hand to flip the adjustment screw up and down as if it were throwing powder)? If not, try doing it by hand to see if there is something binding internally. Mine is set up for .223, so I can't directly compare it to one set up for 9mm, but mine has been smooth as silk the whole time, whether I had the adjustment screw all the way in or all the way out.
  2. So, after spending countless hours fiddling with mine and not having any pledge on hand, I decided to kind of combine what DAA said and the pledge method, and sprayed all parts of the bowl assembly with food grade silicone, and tried it again. I am using Fiocchi primers. Before spraying, I would get maybe one or two primers to drop before the collator would time out, and that was after loosening the screws to the point that about half of the primers were flipped when they actually made it through. At first, I didn't have any luck after spraying with silicone, but then I grabbed a towel since I
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