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  1. Thanks for the input guys, I made sure these new ones are glock oem . Hopefully that solves the problem
  2. I used the channel liner tool and tapped it with a small hammer, it unfortunately did not secure it. Tried with a couple liners. I’m going to try a different brand liner I think and see if that makes any difference.
  3. Thanks I’ll try ordering from a different supplier. I guess it is possible glockstore has their own liner’s that are not glock
  4. Actually I’m not sure, I thought glock. I ordered it off glockstore.com
  5. I had to replace the channel liner in my gen 5 34 and now the channel liner fits loose. It comes out when you pull the striker out. It also moves when the striker moves which causes the trigger to be a little heavier and causes the slide to move slightly when the trigger is pulled. I’ve tried replacing the liner a couple times now but it is still loose fitting. Does anyone know a way to secure the channel liner? Thanks for any input
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