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  1. I also read the book and just finished Angels and Demons. We did do the $2.00 theater last week. Went in with low expectations based on what I had heard. Felt that I got my $2.00 worth. Not horrible.
  2. As the sales manager for a CNC machine shop, I agree with the "gross" part. It's the "net" that gets ya.
  3. I bought a used Executive (basically a hard chromed Edge) with 4 mags for $1450. Supposed to have had around 6K through it. I think it was 3-4 years old. I was in the same boat as you. Just started in April and didn't want to spend money twice. Doesn't sound like a bad price, but not a steal either. FWIW.
  4. Thanks Mod. When it was deleted the FIRST time, I thought it was something I did wrong--first time posting pics here so I reposted. Again, my sincere apologies. XRe: Another scooby driver? I just went over 70K on my 2004. Yeah, I drive a bit.
  5. My apologies. For some reason, I cannot edit this post. Will a moderator delete this thread for me? Thanks, John
  6. Mod: "Dead animal" (and repost) pictures removed
  7. On another forum, we were discussing automatic weapons and someone claming to be the Steyr rep stated that they will soon have a Steyr AUG 3 full auto available in the states for $2,300. This was the first I heard of it and the thought of ANY automatic being available in the US for $2,300 makes me excited and skeptical at the same time. Have any of you heard anything like this or is he puffing smoke to get the locals wound up?
  8. I just started into the 15K of HAP 40's from Hornady. About 1 or 2 of 10 have a piece of media in the HP. I haven't shot many yet, but no malfs so far. Didn't bother to pick out.
  9. Sorry, not seconds. We had to wait an extra two weeks to get them because they were out of stock and had to make them. They felt bad and even shipped them to us at no charge because they weren't ready when we picked up the 9's and .45's
  10. There is an "L" shaped wedge about 1/4" wide and 2" long that you slide between the bottom of the belt and the pouch. This locks the pouch to the belt very nicely. Hope this helps. So that's what they are for! Guess I should RTFM
  11. That was so bad, I won't even respond to it. Oh.. Wait. S%!#
  12. I doughnut know if it was really that funny. I really knead to read it again.
  13. Nebraskan

    I Hope

    Is there some reason why I fished my way through all of this?
  14. I do hate to admit it , but I get to pick up 15,200 (eight cases of 1,900) Hornady HAP 180's this weekend at the match. Because we are local to Hornady, they allow our club a one time buy per year for personal consumption only. I paid...get this...$53.00/1,000 delivered to the match. Too bad I didn't shoot 9mm. They were available for $23.00/1,000
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