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  1. Ordered my RL1100 right before the world went stupid, decided to finally venture down the reloading road... then BAM, everything is panic bought in days. Ordered March 10, currently at a little over 9 weeks. Ordered through a local shop, who's supplier is Graf's, was hoping to see it by memorial day but not gonna hold my breath. I'll just continue to unload ammo until it gets here. Thankfully I bought a fair amount of components (primer, powder, projectiles) when I ordered the press.
  2. New guy from Wichita Kansas, been browsing for a bit, finally created an account. I'm new to the pistol shooting sports but not to shooting. I have shot a few local matches and finished decently, at this point I am not looking to go Ricky Bobby with a race gun, but get in a lot of rounds and become more proficient with my pistol. I doubt I will post too much, but I do tend to use movie quotes and references a lot (as seen with topic title).
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