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  1. I’ve done this with stainless mags before, not sure what to put on the black mags that will easily come off.
  2. I will likely contact STI but wanted to see if there was anything easy that I was overlooking. I do not believe it has anything to do with the slide locked back because I usually don’t load with it locked back, I tend to load and then sling shot the slide.
  3. Does anybody who owns one of the new STI Staccatos have issues with the magazines sticking? When I go to drop my magazines from my XL the mag drops about 1/2" and that's it, I have to pull it to get it to come the rest of the way out. I checked and one of them is 1.371 at the widest point but the rest of them are below 1.370 and they all stick fairly consistently when empty, and this is with me using 2 fingers to minimize any grip pressure. I had an edge and those things shoot out so I am sort of surprised. I wanted to take some 400 grit to the inside of the magazine well but I'm not sure
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