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  1. anybody have a manual, mine fits my STI but not my Atlas ATHENA
  2. wow that max is huge! how is it holding up?
  3. I bought the DAA Alpha X, perfect for what i wanted, i was able to angle them outward
  4. looking for a 2011 mag holder that i can cant outward in open class. My fat roll is getting in the way so I want it to cant outward. TIA
  5. just did a Tony Cowden class with the 015, only my second week using it. Super fast draw, for me it cut .25 off my draw. I used it without the safety lock on all stationary draws, love this rig
  6. I have Gen 2 STI mags, getting ready to order grams followers and spring, do i need spacers?
  7. miami valley shooting grounds vandalia oh
  8. I didn't know Miami Rifle was doing much since Dana passed away.
  9. i was at Miamisburg for a Dave Spaulding class and it looked like they were putting in a bunch of pistol pits for matches
  10. i have had the same thing happening in my DVC-P, HP or flatnose bullets do it. I changed my Grip to a Gen1 and added Dawson posi loc mag release and still same thing, I just ordered Grams followers last night to see if stiffer springs help. I shoot allot of old LE trade in HP ammo for training, so I would like to fix this.
  11. New Guy from Ohio, live in Springboro, work in Monroe. Shot the last Oxford USPSA event of 2019, want to shoot them all this year.
  12. https://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h52/flanntastic/aim/0E31B2BC-3A67-4D34-8B84-7BE3729E9F75_zpsv1droerf.jpg
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