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  1. I did polish the factory sear on the sides like you mentioned. That one seemed to stick the most. Thanks for the link. I'll give his methods a try.
  2. I found the problem, but not sure how to fix it. It was like you said, sear spring isn't moving the sear back to the default position. I swapped in i believe my 3rd sear(unica). I noticed all the sears get stuck when pushed i to the default position. Also, all sears are chewed up at the bottom after a few dry fires.
  3. I took out all pretravel just now, still didn't work correctly. I disassembled and the sear is chewed up again. I resurfaced it, then tried again, and its chewed up again. What could be chewing the sear? Hammer is smooth as far as I can see.
  4. Hello yall. I have a new Defiant Limited Master. I did some polishing and installed the Henning flat trigger kit. I took it to the range and had what seemed like 2 light strikes, but looking back i think the hammer was at half cock. Now at home I've racked the slide several time to find the hammer following. I put the stock trigger back but it still does it. I clearly did something wrong, the under side of the sear face was chewed and beaten to shite. I replaced the sear but no luck. Maybe I have too little pretravel or too little overtravel? Anything else I should look at?
  5. 6-40 screws didn't fit for me. Wrong pitch it seems. EDIT: The actual 6-40 screws did fit. Turns out I received ten 6-32 within the bag and the were prettier so I grabbed them first.
  6. I was recently told by a more knowledgeable member that the size is 6-40. So I bought a 50 pack. Should be here Tuesday, so if you haven't reported back by then, I'll post up my results.
  7. Same here. I remember describing this fictional spring to my wife and saying I don't know how I lost it. I was so careful. LOL.
  8. What size screws for the RMR to Legion. Having trouble finding the correct ones. Its not M4 70, not 6-32, not m3 50. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. My Legion got holster wear the first day I got the holster. CT International holster. I set the retention to just hold the gun if inverted. I plan to send the slide to be cerakoted the same color.
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