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  1. Late answer, here is a link to Blitzkreig sights https://www.blitzkriegcomponents.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=1826
  2. I got a spam PM from this user in my private BENOS mailbox. Beware
  3. So I finally spent several hours installing my Powder River Ultimate Drop-In Kit in my XDm 5.25. Time we'll spent(and their videos are very helpful, if a bit fast on the fitting dis/reassembling) as I got really good at taking the pistol apart and putting it back together. Had to reduce grip safety edge on the sear and the over travel bump on the trigger. The sear side and safety functioned perfectly and I shot 200+ trouble free rounds at the range immediately after the successful install. Now the bad part, I am getting a trigger pull in the mid 5's on my RCBS spring powered trigger gauge. I didn't check the factory trigger as I was committed to this trigger install any way, but think I will because I don't think it is any heavier than this PRP "Ultimate" trigger. Their video shows a 4Lb pull. I would like some input from those out there with PRP triggers, because I think I got a dud.
  4. jsneff

    Beretta elite 2

    As all of the cool Beretta 92 models are now basically out of production, the prices just keep going up. I have to admit that Beretta Brigadier models were my weakness for 2 or 3 years. I sold an LTT tuned E2 for $895 that easily go for the same or more as the one currently being discussed. I sold a Steel 1 for $1,400 and now they can go for more than $2,000. I guess my point is get 'me while you can!
  5. I like knife fights from Exposure (also named Grand Art or High Art) I just happened to catch this flick late one night and thought it was cool. Also liked The Hunted, with Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio DelToro(sp?)
  6. In response to the light hammer strike, pretty much every chambered round from a normal shooting cycle, in an AR platform, will have a small dent from the free floating firing pin. That said, this topic caught my eye as I had just purchased a Geissele OE trigger a fellow shooter took off a new Rainier Arms rifle. (He replaced it with a SD3G!) Anyway, on the very first 20 rd mag, sighting in my new Burris TAC30, the trigger doubled on the last 2 rounds. I think that is odd since the trigger was virtually brand new. I would try a stronger disconnect spring if Geissele has them anybody fix their trigger this way?
  7. I have a Blade Tech Brigadier slide holster that I think was for an Elite 1a. So it works for Brigadier slide pistols as well as Vertecs, M9a1 and Stock models check their website.
  8. +1 on the Choate tube. Looks like they are running $50 bucks +/- new with a high vis follower, spring and clamp. Do a want to buy in the classifieds, might find one cheaper. Not a rocket science tip but I always put cloth electrical tape where the clamp hits the barrel and ext tube. The same set up with a Nordic, tube, spring, clamp and follower with cost you $130 +/- but is a little nicer.
  9. I think that that shotgun is like the Verona, which is a Turkish built version of the Franchi PA85, which I used to own. It used the same action as on the SPAS and LAW-12. The problem with that shotgun is it may or may not function as reliably as you need it to with specific loads,(My PA85 wouldn't cycle anything below 1.25oz heavy loads)and you will not find much help or information about it due to lack of shooters using it for 3-gun. My advice would be to pick up a Mossberg 930 cheap and accessorize it or buy a JM model when they come down in price. Also, Winchester SX2's show up under $500 and are a popular choice for 3-gunners and supported with modifcation info and accessories. That would be my two choices for very little more money and much greater satisfaction. My 2 cents. Jeff
  10. Here is a pretty typical "deal" on a nice SX2 http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=271833845 Wood stocked SX3 http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=271891089
  11. Gun Broker is a great place to find SX2's. Since you can list Super X 2 or SX2 or SX-2... so many different ways, do a search for Winchester and them pick semi auto shotguns. You have to search through some 1400's and SX1's but gets all of the SX2(SX3)listings. Long story short, you should be able to find a nice one for $500-$600. Barrels show up, go back to the same Winchester search and choose shotgun parts-barrels. Takes some scrounging but you save money as the street price of the FN's has jumped about $200 in a short period and they are the same shotgun. I called Winchester today and they have a 24" SX3 barrel(3") that should be available by summer. Or a SLP 22" will work. Good luck.
  12. Good call on the Wilson stock set. I would at least purchase a regular stock set and see how you like shooting the 870. Good shooting Jeff
  13. I would find a 21" vent rib with rem choke. Get external, non ported chokes to reach 22" for a flush fit with a Choate plus 4 extension. My 2 cents. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=267970805
  14. I found a smokin' hot deal on a SX2 with a 22" rifled barrel. I was lucky enough to find 2 22" FN SLP barrels and bought the one from a forum member here. I was considering having the rifled barrel back bored to eliminate the rifling and figuring out a choke. If you don't find an SLP or SX2 barrel, you may consider this route. Try Gun Broker for barrels. Good luck!
  15. On the 92FS, they put a larger diameter, round head on the left side of the hammer pin and milled a corresponding slot in the slide to prevent the back of the slide from coming off of the frame if there was a catastrophic failure.(ie the military slides cracking on both sides of the breach face and the rear of the slide impacting into the shooter.) As far as I know that is the only difference.
  16. I have owned 2 Elite models that were 100% factory stock. The single actions were noticeably crisper than any 92 I have owned save for a Langdon E2. The only reason to change out the original Elite hammer is light hammer strikes if you put in lighter mainsprings. Get a pack of Wolff hammer springs http://www.gunsprings.com/Semi-Auto%20Pistols/BERETTA/92,%2096,%20AND%20CENTURION/cID1/mID2/dID36 #26505 for $10.99 that has 16,17,18 and 19 pound hammer(main)springs. The common logic on Beretta's is that you can go lighter spring with a heavier E2 hammer over the original Elite. A standard hammer is heavier still over the E2 hammers. Shooting, polishing or a lighter main spring are realistically the only things that will give you a smoother, lighter DA pull. For $10.99 you get to figure how light rather inexpensively. Changing the springs out is easy and you will be amazed at how light the 16 lb spring feels but it may not give you reliable ignition. See for yourself. If you have never changed the mainspring and have questions, PM me. Jeff
  17. Is the aluminum oxide black and is it the same material found on grip tape?
  18. All of us. I would be surprised if there was someone shooting an M&P who had not shot a Glock to some extent. You might check with the S&W shooting team! lol
  19. Try blackening the two factory dots on the rear sight, see if the sights hit for you. I have left my 4.25" M&P alone as the sights shoot pretty well. I have a 10-8 rear and S&W Pro green fiber optic front on my M&P9L, wide round bottom rear notch works like a ghost ring. You can still focus on the top edges of both sights for precision.
  20. Where is a good source for B&P low recoil slugs?
  21. Thanks to all who replied. I did find some pics of set screws installed in the trigger bar on the M&P forum. If that is legal for production, that would do the trick.
  22. jsneff

    Beretta 92FS Inox

    Inox models usually feature stainless slides and barrels with clear anodized aluminum frames. They have either stainless or blued parts (trigger, safeties...) Like most stainless pistols, typically command a premium over the blue(In Beretta's case Bruniton) model. With fluctuation in availability, the difference in price can vary. The most desirable variations are the early Italian made Inox with all silver parts,mags and straight dust cover. I don't think there is any shooting benefit, just looks.
  23. Finally got around to putting in two Apex tactial sears. Good job Apex and thanks to Ken at SSS for waiting on me. Amazingly easy to install, I put the first one into my 9L, second one in my std. 4.25" pistol. They took like two minutes to install and I am pretty slow! So after a couple hundred rounds at the range I have to say that the pull is as good or better as the M&P9 Pro that I sold. Unfortunately, cleaning up the sear release amplifies the long, gritty take up and weak/slow trigger return. Since I was putting a factory f/o front(Thanks again Ken!)and 10/8 rear, I decided to complete the rest of the DIY trigger job. Polished the striker, block and trigger bar where it contacts the sear and block. That took care of the grit and I plan on getting an extra strength trigger return spring. The last issue is the long take up. Does anyone have a DIY recipe for shortening the take up?
  24. That "A2" comp looks like a Branson. I have several, they make an A2 length and a longer model for permanent attachment to 14.5" barrels. I have both lengths, they reduce muzzle climb better than a flash hider and are quieter than a more effective muzzle brake. I am pretty sure that KKF was Kurt's Kustom Firearms. I had him flute a shorty HBar for me years ago. He sold these comps or ones like them. Glad to hear your barrel is shooting better. It is not beyond possibility to get a used barrel that looks good but is shot out. As for the barrel nut torque. Sometimes it is not possible to get it to align to the perfect torque. I always try several times and if lacking the needed give, I back it off and retighten the nut to the previous tube notch.
  25. Just like the title reads, I am looking for a factory M&P Pro fiber optic front sight. If you have one you are not using, let me know what you want for it. Thanks-Jeff
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