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  1. maybe you should read his post he recommend a nikkon and in the heading I said I don't want to buy a Chinese scope so if I'm going to be ridiculed for that well excuse me. I have the right to my beliefs and you have the right to your beliefs.
  2. What 6.5 creedmoor rifle would you recommend? Looking for quality and accuracy Thanks for your help
  3. Ok thanks. I was looking at used scopes if in only going to save a couple to three hundred dollars then I'll just buy it new especially because I see they really hold there value.
  4. Don't want to buy Chinese. I try not to support people getting rich off paying their employees $.27 an hour and this has been my attitude long before the virus.
  5. I don't know, but why not find out and there would be nothing better hitting at a 1000 with a $700 rifle; and if it doesn't work out I'll put the scope on something else.
  6. Okay that's part of the reason I'm here thanks for your info
  7. Thanks that sounds like a great deal
  8. Thanks. A lot I'm just reluctant to buy something I can't see. This guy didn't like the fact there's no true zero stop on shv. I don't know enough about scopes
  9. That's funny cause I've had my eyes on a nightforce svh but read a couple negative reviews, just saying that it should be better for the money and they recommended the same nxs as well my arms just shrink and can't reach my wallet. Lol. Also that scope is about three times what my gun is. But gotta pay for quality. Thanks for your recommendation
  10. Was going to try and hit the thousand yard mark Around a $1000 but I know I'll probably end up spending more for quality
  11. Lol. He said I could use his equipment really nice of him. Ok thanks I just worry about switching back and fourth between calibers. Guess I just need to get enough brass so I don't switch as often. Thanks for the advice
  12. Ok thanks. Idk I'm on the fence with competition my buddy invited me to go shoot three gun so one never knows. Lol.
  13. Hi I was wondering what kind of scope you guys would recommend for a 300 win mag. It will mainly be used for long range shooting and an occasional hunt here and there. I don't want to buy Chinese and that's been my style way before the virus. Preferably American. It's an inexpensive stock rem 700. Thanks for any advice.
  14. Thanks so much I was just checking it out it seems like a good start. And easier to use then the 750. Or is it worth spending the extra money now for 750 are caliber changes as easy. Cause for now I plan on reloading 223, 308 and 300 win mag. Waiting on pistol permit and then will be reloading 9mm
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