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  1. 1 - thanks again for guidance on separating the receivers. After filing each side of the upper four times, they now fit as originally intended. 2 - cleaned it/oiled it well. 3 - got it to the range this Monday and put 100 rounds of 1255fps federal thru it - not a single issue at all. Even the $20 ten round panzer mags (PWPA10RM) ran thru fine without any incidents. 4 - Got GL Shock stock in the mail the day after my range day. Shoulder would have appreciated it on the 100 rounds :). Installed easily. Definitely still happy with my purchase despite the initial fused-receiver issue.
  2. Holy hell I finally got it apart. Had to hold upside down and tap the front protruding tab and work it like hell. Nothign was hung up remarkably, just the rear connection to upper/lower where that pin was going thru is extremely snug. Thanks for the tips on barrel removal and detents, ultimately couldn't have gotten there without all that. So I've never worked on a gun like this - is it as simple as sanding the upper receiver part to fit less 'snug'? Or should I just take it to a local gun smith and tell them to make it work right?
  3. Thanks for the guidance all - should be home from work in a few hours to try these out. Will advise.
  4. I grabbed a video hoping someone would see something I'm doing wrong. Pulled the buffer tube to no avail. Thanks in advance for any ideas. Otherwise I guess I"m calling RIA tomorrow.
  5. Hey fellas, newbie here, got my VR80 this past Friday. Read thru the posts, here, extremely helpful. Was starting to break it down tonight and for the life of me I can get the receivers to separate. I feel like I'm missing a step. I've pulled both receiver pins out 'til they click. It's acting like something is bound up towards the stock side. I say this because at the front I can get maybe 1mm of gap; while the back is moving only enough for some liquid to squeeze out. I've tried some degreaser/cleaner. Any ideas? This is also my first long gun so I'm wondering if I'm totally newb'ing something here. Frustrating because I've watched 3 different videos and each one the damn things nearly just fell apart when the pins were pulled out. TIA, Mac
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