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  1. Rowdy yes it’s a sp01 slide, to waktasz point if I purchase any slide it has to work with the shadow platform.
  2. I received an email this morning from USPSA stating the slide is legal.
  3. I agree Bench it’s a unique situation and with my experience the frame with serial numbers always stands as the firearm, no matter what u can’t change that the serial number and it cant be altered, but not sure how the rule applies in this case or for this class. If I Bought another slide by another manufacture it would not have the fpb in it either.
  4. What about the rule that says u can buy aftermarket slides? Idk that’s the reason I was asking the shadow doesn’t use the firing pin block that is in the sp01 Slide. SLIDES: You may replace the slide with an OFM or aftermarket slide. how would I get the correct answer on this?
  5. thanks jkf74 I was concerned because the SP01 slide has the firing pin block that the shadow doesnt use, I was concerned when the slide was modified to work with the shadow it wouldnt be legal for carry optics.
  6. I bought a SPo1 slide from CGW its been milled for optics and use it on my SP01 shadow frame, would this be legal for carry optics? Thanks
  7. Thanks Hogrider, I believe I have everything set correctly, I need to loktite it but other than that I think it’s good, I really appreciate u taking the time to help. thanks
  8. thanks Hogrider, I think I'm close and its working, I wished I knew why it changed or what happened to cause the issue so I don't make the mistake again, as far as the manual I'm really disappointed in the quality of detail. I had nothing to show me how the unit goes together or should be set up, I would have thought there would have been a trouble shooting guide for common issues, luckily I have a little experience and understood the concept, I re read the instruction again this morning but its not clear, from the instruction on how to set the arm. thanks for the help and the schematics
  9. Hogrider did you have a 1050 before your 1100? if so is there a lot of difference?
  10. I measured mine this morning and its about the same as the 4 inch shown in the pic, I ran 30 through it with no issues. it would be interesting if someone could post a pic of a 1050 set correctly and see if and how much of a difference there was.
  11. thanks Hogrider I will measure mine tomorrow, Mine moved within the first 100 rounds but it was tight, i'm not sure how it moved but, after seeing you pics I feel comfortable that I have it set correctly thanks
  12. excellent thanks for the pics, mine had moved up and also it had twisted but its was very tight I find it hard to believe that if could move being that tight, I lowered mine back down and rotated it so that it was in line the tab at the bottom of the linkage I inserted it in the primer slide I assume that is correct.
  13. I wonder why my press never came with this? thanks for the link looks like I installed it correctly, does any have any idea why it moved? I never heard or saw anything move, I was on my first hundred and this happened about the first 50.
  14. I have looked everywhere trying to find out how the linkage is supposed to be set up, I just purchased a 1050 it worked fine, then the primer quit actuating, the machine wouldn't go down completely and I noticed it was hitting the primer bar, after looking at how I think the machine should work it the linkage was actuating the primer bar, I dont have a clue how this happened everything was really tight, I loosened it up lowered it down tried to align but I'm not sure if its right. it does work fine now. I would like to get information on how its supposed to be set to make sure I have it right. Thanks
  15. i agree joe4d i was trying to use my bullet feeder but i dont think its going to work lol
  16. Thanks Joe4d, I will try this, my process was seat the bullet, back the seat stem off, developed crimp then use the existing cartridge to adjust the oal, it works well with that cartridge but the next one not so much. I’m loading on a rl550 thanks
  17. Hey Ahi, I have done that process but apparently the Rcbs die crimps before final seating it creates a ring around the bullet, it’s only with lead or coated, the jacket bullets are fine.
  18. thanks Muncie, I'm using the RCBS die and its one die that crimps and seats, but apparently it crimps before it seat. using coated bullets or lead it makes it very difficult and so far impossible to make sure it is done correctly
  19. has anyone had luck setting up a taper and crimp die using coated bullets? I always damage damage the bullet. Thanks
  20. which shape does everyone use? I purchases some from summers and I have been having issues feeding,
  21. George16 any issues with it feeding both machines? That’s a slick set up, I would be looking at duplicating something similar. m700, the 750 has a case feeder but the 550 doesn’t, so I will need a mounting fixture of some kind, thanks for the replies.
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