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  1. Not new to USPSA / IPSC (or any shooting sport for that matter) and have been here 6 months or so. This is a GR8 site for info and help covered in one IP address that you'd have to hunt for elsewhere. That said, with COVID blues Florida may be coming up to speed in competitions and I look forward to visiting here often.
  2. A co-worker gave me 450 rounds of reloaded 115 grain FMJ 9's that a "friend" of his reloaded. Against my better judgement I took some to the range a few days ago, to see if they were usable. Well shot #1 blew out the case. I kinda sorta knew that would happen because few would give away 450 rounds of primo ammo . So here I am with 450 rounds of hard to get 115 grain FMJ bullets and primed cases if I pull them. Being retired I have time on my hands and so far got 150 done with my kinetic puller. I guess the reason for the post is to warn new reloaders (maybe even seasoned ones) to double check your powder drop before loading, TEST your loads BEFORE committing to mass production, AND after that, check your throws every once in a while just to make sure nothing ran afowl during your session. Pulling them is a lot harder than spot checking your process every once in a while.
  3. I generally use SPP's but since I load .223 have lots of small rifle primers here and have used them when I run out of SPP. Somewhere in the past I read that the cup of Small rifle mag (SRM) primers was made a bit harder and may need another mainspring to light them up?
  4. Before the local USPSA club went outdoors we shot at an indoor range. It took some creative thinking to make it work but once the membership grew it was impossible to manage it and we went outdoors. We had a lot of fun and it was not boring at all.
  5. Yeah, the CZ SP-01 has a GR8 grip for small hands, next up would be a Tanfo small frame.
  6. I do not go to a match with a spanking clean gun. Instead I go to the range a day or two before the match and run a box through it to test it. The one time I did go with a spanking clean not recently fired gun my 1911 firing pin somehow got bound up and it went, THRRRIIIPPP full auto... DQ'd. So it's not only about NEW stuff!
  7. Funny story, I shot an invitational match and two of my mags failed (spring issues) during my shoot. Bummed out I went back to my bag and threw the marked bad ones in a pocket so I'd not grab them again. I had three spares and just then the RO came over and said I had to do a re-shoot as his timer was bad! I finished without incident with the replacement mags. It goes to show you that you never know when you need more mags!
  8. I've never left the house for the range without my timer even though it was rare that I needed it. Sarge has the right idea, mark it for identification purposes!
  9. That's a LOT of machine for a new reloader. If you decide on it, once you get it going my advice is to take it slow, watch EVERYTHING that happens, trust nothing to be faultless. Dillons can make a whole lot of GR8 ammo but can also make a lot of bad ammo really fast if you're not familiar with the operations and are not diligent watching for issues. I too think the 550 is a better choice, I'm still using my two 550's and a 450 for over 20 years and don't feel the need for more press. .
  10. The new +1 RACE version slipped on with the clip, I like them a LOT and got some for my 9 and .40 mags.
  11. I stopped believing gun reviews not long after I stopped believing in the Easter Bunny. I like the... "I stepped to the line with my Whammy zoomo holster, field band shirt, and shot 100 rounds. Six were flyers caused by bees near my face, the 11 jams were ammo and aftermarket mag related, as well as a dirty chamber..." I really NEVER read a bad review. Not one. They are feeding on the teat of advertisers and simply cannot be trusted.
  12. I recently got a half dozen OEM 9mm mags and every one had different length magazine springs. One was so short it wouldn't feed one round. Is this typical, and where can I get replacement springs other than the importer?
  13. Finish wear is confirmation that the tool is being used, and a good thing I may occasionally touch up "proud" metal that's worn with cold blue. The best solution for me is buy hard chrome or stainless, wear problem mostly solved.
  14. Yesterday I went to the first gun show in south Florida since early in the year. I rode my bike to get easy parking, but what I saw when I rode up was absolutely unbelievable. HUNDREDS of people waiting in a L-O-N-G line zig zagging in front of the auditorium in the sweltering sun and heat! I go more for the entertainment and the odd chachki but so many peeps standing in the late morning sun was amazing to me, I turned the bike and opened the throttle for the interstate. Did anyone get to that or any other show recently?
  15. When I fill my empty brass bin, I take a handful at a time and shake them in a cupped palm, when I hear a split case, I find it and toss it out, and keep reloading.
  16. If you're shooting one game, the rub with the adjustable comb is once you set it, you leave it alone. I set my Browning Ultra XT once, but really did not need to. I've shot others without an adj comb and it fit perfectly, you my be lucky and get one that fits and you save the buckazoids, if it doesn't you can have the stock tweaked for you with either a custom comb or maybe even bending it. If you're shooting more than one game maybe the adj comb is a good idea.
  17. gnappi


    Trap full/full - Skeet O/U skt/skt. At skeet I shoot both a SxS which has cyl and M, and whether SxS or O/U I don't have a first shot barrel preference.
  18. It is weird. Have you taken out the sear spring and mainspring housing to see of it binds when free?
  19. In many / most cases I agree, but when it comes to buying tooling / tools, I just let someone else do it. Like my Mom always said, "Expect the best, accept the worst"
  20. At handgun games watching how better shooters break down the match helped me shoot a stage better. I don't know why but I shoot better in a squad with superior shooters at International skeet.
  21. Ouch, that last comment could sting the OP, but it's also spot on. Having fun is part of the game, and I've seen many lose that aspect.
  22. I've tried counting rounds, but planning reloads works better. I work harder on being in tune and aware when the slide locks back it saves me just a tad of time reloading.
  23. I wanted to mention this for lefties (like myself) who shoot right handed and are right eyed dominant. Lefties who shoot right handed have less "weak hand" issues than right handed shooters because our "weak" hand is actually the stronger of the two. But, my shooting unsupported left (or right) hand for me I cannot nudge my left elbow in like the video, especially being right eyed dominant. Maybe it's an anatomical quirk I have. At any rate, I don't change my shoulder angle to the target when switching hands, my right shoulder stays slightly toward the rear. Works for me.
  24. You can melt them down again, the lube makes a smoky flux
  25. Miggz55, THAT's no mess, here's mine after I moved in... 2x550's, 1x450, 1 BIG MAX, and a 12ga. hydraulic.
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