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  1. With copper plated bullets finished ammo being so plentiful and inexpensive in the recent past, I had not loaded lead/wax lubed bullets in many years. Shooting Tanfos also mandated buying instead of making most ammo. But, due to the shortage of ammo and components nowadays I stumbled on a site that had a section on powder coating bullets. I had many thousands of already cast 9mm and .45 bullets and read up on the process and plated almost everything in my garage. Add to that I have literally nearly a ton of quality ingot lead ready, I bought some 6 cavity .40 molds. Has anyone else plated their cast bullets?
  2. I blew a "fun match" where the shooter kept the palm of his shooting hand behind him and a paint spray can cap of one of two color was handed to him. On the beep, the shooter had to look at the color of the cap, and what he was given were no shoots. I decided to play the odds, on the beep I dropped the cap, did not look at the color and blasted away... I figured I'd either crash and burn or win the match... I crashed and burned, not one recorded hit, all no shoots, but they were well placed if nothing else.
  3. Well, I have three, all were new and factory chrome plated, one standard slide in .40 and two V12's one each in .40 and 9mm. All of the slides (barrels already fit perfect) needed fitting. I used a diamond paste mixed with Tri Flow oil, left the barrels out and it took almost no time to lap them on my frames. After they fit enough to hand cycle them relatively easily with the slide / frame alone I cleaned out the lapping paste, oiled them up and went to the range and shot them in without problems. If you buy one, and want to try the compounds you should not need the coarser of those (found on Ebay) shown below. I used the 2.5 or 3.5 only (don't remember which) but they REALLY need to be thinned with a thin oil like Marvel's mystery oil of Tri Flow or else the thick paste as it comes from the tube will not get between the slide and frame. PS, fitting the second .40 V12, did not make the first V12 I fit with this method looser. I surmise the lapping works the 90 degree corners of the slide more than the flat spots. But without a microscope of sorts with before and after I cannot say for sure.
  4. Thanks for moving it Chuck. I get the intent and have seen topics like "365 IWB holster" which skated under the radar Mea culpa
  5. Suspenders are objectionable? I could see them with some political or unethical message, but otherwise I think I'd take it up with a RO at a match.
  6. I've always taken a minimalist approach IWB. I refuse to carry anything with a rail, or protuberances that can rub on me. That said, fat, hard holsters like kydex are unyielding and uncomfortable so I only carry IWB in front with a soft suede holster like the one in the pic. If they're large enough they can easily be re-sewn with catgut to fit just about any handgun profile. Note this is not one of my holsters, that gun does not fit the holster, it's set in too deep not allowing a full grip.
  7. I'm not being a smart ass here, it's just I'm curious on the issue should my need ever arise to actually NEED carry optics. So, with just about every gun game adopting a "carry optic" division, I have to ask. Just how does one carry a gun in real life with carry optics? Holsters are no problem, mounting in the rear sight dovetail is no problem but I have a few Q's for those who actually do carry with optics, note NOT for competitors. I can't imagine easily concealing the profile of a carry optical sight, how do you do it? With a trench coat? or with an over sized floppy shirt or belly bag? Second, I know battery life is pretty long but do you turn them on when leaving the house? Over night on the nightstand? Or turn them on (I can't imagine doing this) as needed? Lastly do you change the batteries on a schedule? Re-sight every time you remove the sight to change them? And do you really trust your life to a fifty cent CR2032 or whatever cell your sight uses?
  8. Yeah same here in south Florida. Many 1911 and Glock part changers that have never been in the same room with a mill or lathe. Does your Tanfo have a front sight cast in the metal or a groove with a setscrew?
  9. No the match is a large frame, but it is not a "Competition" frame... no hole for Tanfo magwell set screw.
  10. Absolutely! I'm a life member and I get them for free by gum... whether or not I read the "reviews" is another story!
  11. On my two 550's at: Station 1 Size, Decap, prime Station 2 Case bell, powder dump. Station 3 Powder check Station 4 seat, crimp I've been using them this way since the powder checkers came out without issues. I never trim or select brass by length either. The worst that can happen is I get a stretched case with a weird crimp over the bullet or shaved lead and I use it at the indoor range. I'd certainly never lose my 550's for a 5 station press.
  12. I've loaded a LOT of .40's (for S&W's, Colt, SIG, Beretta, Tanfo) and never looked at the head stamp, never had to. I'm surprised others have seen issues.
  13. I am waiting on the balance of the supplies I need to powder coat my cast bullets, has anyone here loaded with PC .40 bullets? If so did you find data from FMJ or TMJ GTG? I know I'll have to work up loads anyway but having a baseline to start with would be cool. My molds are 175gn SWC, but till the weather cools down and I get to cast I have a slew of wax lubed 200's (TC) and I'm planning on boil stripping the lube off. Any advice on these bullet types? Y'know issues like keyholing, feed problems, powders or making major?
  14. I don't own a DW but do have Tanfo in 10mm. If you're looking to squeeze out a bit more velocity for hunting , I'm thinking the 6" long slide DW may be better than the Tanfo 4 3/4" barrel.
  15. Railed guns? Nope unless it falls in my lap for stupid low buckazoids.
  16. Too bad I did not know that, since I've never had a Dillon with a case feeder I have nothing to miss, everything to gain
  17. I don't have a 1050 but two 550's and a 450 but I have a powder checker on them all. Doesn't the 1050 have a powder check station?
  18. Yeah, slow is better than trying to do them all at once. I got them a long time ago and found more tucked away on my bench I'm up to 650 now. I'm using a kinetic puller with a 9mm shell holder. It's a lot faster than the aluminum collet thingies that come with the puller. I found a few that were crimped to hard it took almost 20 whacks to extricate the bullet from the case.
  19. For me I got a 627 and 327 R8. The 327 solves the problem of a heavy cylinder but the 327 takes more getting used to the trigger. With lighter loads it's a dream to shoot.
  20. Any bullet with a shoulder will likely present problems my faves are TC and RN, I had my 625 chambers chamfered, add a gentle taper crimp to the bullet, and problem solved.
  21. Agreed 100% I started using it when it was called "Star Office" and never missed MS products.
  22. When Win7 lost support I moved over to Linux. I still use Win7 for one app I can't get to work on the WINE Linux.
  23. I ditched cable 11 years ago, hooked up with OTA (broadcast/antenna) and bought DVD/Blu-Ray instead and never looked back. I watch less toob now and I'm more productive at other things. Now I have some 2500+ movies and I chuckle when I'm at my GF's house and see old movies that I own on the cable subscription channels.
  24. Plunk test, yup, it's something like AA5, and those I weighed were 7gr. But many of the cases were bulged and re-sized like they were previously fired in a very loose chamber. Never know, one may have been overcharged. All are in the process of being pulled.
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