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  1. I wondered, my X'perf may have issues but the trigger isn't one of them.
  2. What was the reason you changed it?
  3. We used to call that "negative recoil" I never witnessed it
  4. gnappi

    X5 Grip weight

    P226? SAO or DA/SA (I read they made a DA/SA model of some sort too too) OEM Plastic or wood? I can weigh my P226 X5 grips but I don't have the ship packaging, either way I doubt they're more than an ounce away from each other
  5. I've been to the range a lot more than usual lately and surprisingly there's been a lot of .40 shooters there. I unashamedly ask if they do not reload if I can take the brass and I've come away with a LOT of brass. Food for thought.
  6. I read of a guy who used two paper toy gun caps to reload the primers. Given the labor needed, and the unavailable nature of paper toy caps I'd wait till primers became available before diddling with the notion.
  7. Agreed. Blaming COVID for everything has lost traction. Every business I'm personally familiar with is working overtime to fill needs. From ammo makers, Kitchen cabinet fabricators, Floor tile, granite / marble counter tops, retail and restaurants are going full tilt. Sure office workers have been slimmed down, I think to easily remove dead weight without repercussions from government and ex-employees.
  8. Did anyone ever go to Colt for parts? Not me IMO there's nothing Colt does others haven't done equally well or better for less money. We'll see what they do for them.
  9. It's the frame dust cover that are different lengths, not the slides. AFAIK, they only come in (from Tanfo) one length except the longslide tancoat (not compensated), that one fits the limited custom frame.
  10. I'm not saying these are THE reasons for not allowing an extended mag release in a defensive pistol game but food for thought. Here's my take on the "practicality" of "excessively" long mag releases. I've been carrying since about the time the carry law was enacted (late 80's) in Florida. That said, more than once I found an extended mag release had somehow accidentally been pressed by me looking for change in a pocket for a toll while driving, getting bumped in a holster on an amusement park ride or even an inadvertent bump of the gun into something which pressed the mag release into either my belt or other part of the poorly selected holster for that model. In all cases the mag was held from dropping out of the magwell but dropped enough down to make it a one shot gun. You have already seen the mag release being bumped on a table issue, this could happen on a night stand in the dark also. I've also seen shooters accidentally drop their mags in a course of fire with their weak hand thumb or even their right hand thumb on extended mag releases if they had large hands and then get a safety violation for muzzle direction trying to recover the mag. Early on I moved all my Beretta (extended to .195" of the frame) and Sig releases to the right side and it's never happened again. Also the release on the right side (I shoot right handed) lets me use my middle finger to drop the mag without losing my sight picture... "could" the now exposed mag release on the right side get bumped accidentally? yes, but in all the years I've carried like this I've had zero instances of it happening not so for it being on the left side.
  11. After buying an alloy framed X5 in 9mm I liked the SA reset (and of course the rest of it) and queried the folks at Sigtalk and they steered me into the Short Reset kit for my P226ST. A very inexpensive option, and well worth it! Aside from the DA first shot it shoots much more like the X5 now.
  12. There's a surprise, of all the many little niggles I have with my 92X performance the trigger pull isn't one of them.
  13. gnappi

    X5 vs Glock 34

    I'm in the X5 (P226) camp solidly. My X5 is an alloy frame and it handles for me better than polymer. I'd like a steel frame even more. I also have a P226 ST with the SRT and I know how much difference it would make in the X5.
  14. Not to say that this is your issue, but it's possible that the case / bullet profile snicking the SS up. The last round slips forward because there was less spring tension on that round. Goose has my other suggestion out there already!
  15. ??? COVID was just getting scary, 2/20 and they "announced" months before that in 2019. I worked for a major computer maker and we would not announce until we had sufficient volume to fill "the pipeline" or distribution network that out marketing suits said we needed before we could announce. I think vaporware is a good description of their announcement, YMMV.
  16. After info started dribbling out on the DWX, I squirreled away the money to pay full MSRP or even a reasonable uplift in price, and waited. I never understood vaporware announcements.
  17. If the 92X'perf sells anything like the last runs of frame safety models, I wouldn't expect any aftermarket stuff at all... ever.
  18. I put an R1 longslide in .40 on my Springer V16 .45 super longslide. It's a fun shooter.
  19. That's good news on losing the rail, I wish mine did not have one... oh well, there's always the grinder
  20. Yeah, it took about a week to 10 days for them to leave there.
  21. The match is a fine pistol, but remember it does not have the "match" "custom" (or whatever Tanfo calls it) frame, it cannot use the tanfo magwell.
  22. Think of the comp only as added weight at the muzzle and whatever recoil reduction that weight may provide versus the same gun without the comp.
  23. Just picked one of these up. I there a consensus that the extractor spring needs to be replaced with the Wilson +50% , out of the box? Secondly, I may have missed it, but does anyone know what the recoil/hammer spring rates are from the factory? there seems to be the possibility that the hole for the extractor spring is machined too deep into the slide and prevents the spring from compressing enough against the extractor to provide reliable extraction when there is a round pushing up against the round being extracted. Mine has extracted flawlessly, I don't think preemptive replacement is needed.
  24. Hey, don't laugh, I read peeps are using spent primers and filling them with paper caps
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