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  1. Well, actually no. The 92X has a steel frame a beefier slide and in totality is substantially more robust and has more potential as a high mileage gun which a PT92 definitely is not. Beretta owners have been clamoring for (yet) another all steel gun and Beretta delivered it. I have several of both Taurus and Beretta and your "spruced up" comment definitely applies more to the 92 and 96's made before the "X" The Taurus is an aluminum framed "copy" which has a pinned in non reversible mag release, and a very excellent decocker which if Beretta had used would have eliminated at least one criticism without adding any. Now if Taurus were to come out with a steel framed 92...
  2. I almost spat my coffee out seeing that!
  3. I'm of the opinion, "If it ain't eating anything, and it's not in the way" I never sell stuff. Also if some idiotic factory ammo ban were to be enacted I'll be in good shape. I have a furnace, and molds also "just in case"
  4. Yeah, the Dillon measure is hard to beat, I tried to use the other brand stuff to make the transition to Dillon smoother... after all knowing one measure and being confident in it and going to an unknown may be challenging, but the Dillon measure is worth it.
  5. I know where I am and despite your opinions I suggest that every handgun is a tool, regardless where it's used,. We'll see if the X'perf is adopted. I have mine, but it takes a back seat to my Witness all day long.
  6. You never saw me saying I don't like it, just that it could be better and I did not like their attitude about the slide frame fitment. And actually I'm "kvetching" about a WHOLE LOT more than slide disassembly. Beretta made other boo-boos that I overlook but it's not particularly user friendly. Reaching the Slide stop with the right hand is much like a Tanfo, I can say that's my only beef with the Witness. I use my left thumb. But the hammer buried in the (very high mounted) rear sight in a DA gun? Really? That's bad design, as is the sharp edges on the rail which bite me when I rack the slide from under the dust cover. The take down lever feels like it has sand in it, a trigger with serrations? Why do that? The frame stippling and slide serrations are very rough cut, the worst I've seen and uncomfortable. Scratch that, the rear frame cuts force me to stop shooting it after a box and a half or so of ammo. Lastly IF they were going after Tanfo delivering it with two 15 round mags with plastic pads when they have 17's and rubber pads in stock? In general I'm a Beretta fan boy there are several in my safe with 92's and 96's among them. If your XP doesn't exhibit / have these ergo issues I can only assume yours was better made than mine, you're less prone to be critical or mine was a rush job Monday build. Given that CNC doesn't have a hangover from Sunday, I doubt mine is unique.
  7. Thanks, I had a holster made for my N frames but this one rocks. Now if we could get an ICORE club down here in the revolver doldrums of south Florida it would be put to good use!
  8. Overall the X'perf was a disappointment. I like shooting it, but being the owner of several other Beretta models, aside from the frame safety it doesn't do much of anything my other Berettas or Taurus clones do not do as well. I also have other all steel 9's that perform equally well (without the nits I have with the X'perf) most notably my Tanfo Match, and Sig P226ST. To a died in the wool Beretta lover that's hard to swallow but my expectations of the X'perf were high and for the most part not met.
  9. Yes, I was REALLY pissed at their flippant reply. It's not a $4k gun, but it's not a $600 Tanfoglio either. PS, try the rubber mallet
  10. This is one pistol I've hoped would materialize and when they hit the street I have a LGS who will gladly put my name on the list and sell it to me for list++ Don't get me wrong, I really like my Tanfos, but this one put a halt to my getting a TSO. For sure I will appreciate the DWX trigger but even more so for the slide stop, and safety ergos which I really never got into on my Tanfoglio models. I wonder what if any effect this will have on the high end CZ and Tanfo model sales?
  11. I'm no longer shooting competition (but plan on starting up again soon) but when I did the minor differences "in the heat of battle" between triggers on my 1911's didn't matter, I was pretty much just spanking the trigger. I think that as long as the FCG are the same on both, most will not notice in a match unless the differences between guns are huge. Then again, I'd unlikely feel a hardball under my mattress let alone a pea
  12. I sent them an Email, I never got anyone on the phone And you're right I get the sense that they have a bunch of tyros there who are winging it.
  13. The 92 X'perf could have been much better, but they did not ask me to try it out before announcement so it came as is. New owners have rose colored glasses that even in a brisk discussion fail to admit exist... Did you ever meet an unhappy Beamer or Benz owner after many trips to the service center? Nope. Touji, I wrote Beretta about this and they said: (paraphrased) We spoke about this with the engineers and they said it only shows up on a few pistols and the engineers believe it will break in. When a closed fist sometimes did not work, I had to smack my slide off with a rubber mallet.
  14. I have two Tanfo pistols. My very early 10mm compact was on my hip for years. It's never bobbled on any 10 ammo from the load bench or a factory. Not long ago I moved over to a single stack 8 round S&W 3913 that I keep IWB.
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