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  1. Good evening everyone: I will be starting my first competition shoot this spring. I will be using my Sig Sauer P227 RX. Looking for ideas on the perfect P227 RX. holster and P227 RX. mag holster. Thanks for your ideas
  2. thanks everybody. Pretty much what i was thinking also.
  3. Good afternoon everyone: Your opinions please. I am contemplating the purchase of a "RECOVERY TATICAL 20/20" for my Glock 19. Thanks and Later
  4. Just about to purchase. Looking for opinions. Thanks
  5. Good morning All: I have started to look for a .45 acp pistol carbine. Best recommendations please. Thank you Duane
  6. I want to put a red dot on my VR-80. any suggestions ????????????
  7. Good afternoon all: Just getting back on me feet. I hand my right Knee replacement on March 10. Just got in under the wire before elective surgeries were canceled in York, Pa. Jut put the walker aside and now I am on cane. Rehab is progressing well. Back to my VR-80 all is good just "SOAKED the area with brake cleaner and WD-40 good idea thanks parvusimperator and Nelsonh all is good now. Thanks for your help and looking forward to more information on this site.
  8. The bolt and the slide (#63 & #64)are back and secured, gas block (part number 70)w ill not move it is "stuck" and will not slide down to expose and release the split rings.
  9. Hi everybody New to the forum from Pa. My name is Duane and I am from south/east Pa. I have been involved off and on in the shooting sport since the USAF 1968 /1975. Retied engineer now doing part-time consulting to a few special clients. My caliber of choice is .45 acp and 12 gage. Lots of time on my to do the things I like.
  10. Good evening all: New to the forum here. Looking forward to the exchange of ideas and information. I just got a VR-80 and cleaned it before shooting. I used the ammo that is on the Rock Island site. Fiocchi 12 gage 2 3/4", 1 1/4 oz. 1330 FPS, 7.5 shot, and (250 rounds) the weapon preformed flawlessly. Broke the weapon down for cleaning and all went good except: the GAS RETAINING NUT (part number 70) unscrewed with no issue and then unable to remove the GAS BLOCK (part number 68) is stuck in place. Any ideas for my situation ??????????????
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