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  1. I just switched to Fiocchi small pistol primers and have noticed they take a lot less pressure to seat than Federal or Winchester. I measured a few and found them to be the same size but my be made from softer brass.
  2. Spokewrench, I'm 5'7" and have found that mounting my reloading machines on a bench 40" high is right for me I can see the powder level in each case and I get very few high primers. I almost never get a high primer when using the stock Dillon lever and round knob but the roller handle is very cool and my shoulder likes the roller.
  3. If you have been loading on a Lee loadmaster it my take a little getting used to priming on the up stroke. I very seldom have high primers when loading my XL650 or my new XL750 when I'm standing if I set I'll have about 5% high primers. Don't give up on your XL750 if you are one of the few that cam make a Loadmaster run you will have the Dillon machine running like a top.
  4. I've been reloading on a XL 650 for many years it's a great machine the only problem with it has been the priming system. Yesterday I set up my new XL 750 and I like it Dillon has addressed all of the issues the 650 had.
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