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  1. I was checking in at one of my local gun stores for something completely different and saw they had one last DVC-P in stock. It was one that was the old DVC-P with the Gen 2 grip. In the end, I walked out of the dealer for the same price as the XC retails for, and they even installed my SRO for free. I took it out today and put about 500 rounds through it, but ran into a problem. Eventually, the slide started hesitating and not wanting to go back into battery. I'm pretty sure 90% of the issue is lube, but I want to put a stronger recoil spring in it. Does anyone know what the stock spring is and what weight I should go to for shooting full power Speer Lawman 124/147 grain 9mm? Also, anyone know a good place to get extra magazines and/or recommend a good magazine loader? My Maglula does not like the extra girth of the 9mm/38 Super mags.
  2. And by that point, I'm at $500+ just in a frame. By that time, I might as well look at 2011s.
  3. My excitement for this just died. I emailed the company and these frames aren't hard anodized. As soon as the cerakote wears off there's protecting the metal. While I don't mind cerakote over stainless steel, I'll pass on this.
  4. Find this video by accident, but in addition to the DPP cut being 2mm longer than the other, the screw holes at larger than the Romeo 1. https://youtu.be/BcdCICMDUc4
  5. Does anyone know if holster compatibility is affected due to the trigger guard, or is the front "hook" the same size while the bottom of the trigger guard is angled upward?
  6. Looks to me like if you have an older X5 with the Romeo 1 cut, you have the cut on the left while the current X5 Legion has the cut on the right (which having a dovetail cutout is irrelevant because it doesn't alter the size of the cut). Due to the Deltapoint Pro being larger than the Romeo 1, any plate you get for the Legion will be slightly too large to fit the normal X5.
  7. Is this suppose to be the "Tactical Carry" frame they're advertising on their website? I know the M17/M18 frame makes me want to build a custom P320.
  8. CH Precision has a good picture of the various Sig P320 cuts:
  9. Normally, I'd agree with you, but Dan Wesson is stuck in New York, and with as f'ed up as the state is, I'm not even sure if they're anywhere close to full capacity at the factory yet. I do know they weren't considered an "essential business."
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