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  1. 12 hours ago, RGA said:


    Hi Baragasam,


    Yes, I'm swaging, sizing and trimming on the same station.


    A few things need clarification I feel.


    1) My trimmer fits on the tool head as you can see in the picture. Installing the included (Dillon) manifold (which is not in the picture) is the biggest challenge because in its unaltered form it will not fit between the neighboring dies. I'm not sure how a lighter style trimmer is going to solve that issue.


    2) The trimmer comes with a Dillon trim die so it will size.


    3) I also have a Dillon trimmer and it will not fit on the MK7 tool head when there are neighboring dies because the body is too wide.


    Kind rgds and stay safe!




    Thank you @RGA, so how are you catching the brass shavings in the trimmer station? I agree, I cannot see how a thinner trimmer is going to help and the die itself with the manifold would need to sit higher. Did you modify the manifold to fit with the decapper and expander dies around it? 

  2. On 2/2/2020 at 9:38 PM, RGA said:


    Yes, you can trim and load in 1 run if you want to.


    I have a Lyman M-die in the priming station (4) which removes any burrs on the inside of the case mouths and the LEE factory crimp in the last station takes care of any remaining burrs on the outside of the case mouth.


    it works but running the trimmer, the case feeder and the bullet feeder at the same time required ear protection. ;)



    Mark 7 Evo eindelijk compleet!.jpg


    I was in touch with Mark 7's CS and they said their current trimmer WILL NOT fit onto their evolution press for 1 pass reloading. Their website says the trimmer does in the trimmer's description but their CS says different? I am leaning towards the RT1500 for trimming instead of the Bosch trimmer because of the RT1500's ability to also size. 


    What do you guys think about this setup with the Evo?


    1. Case feed

    2. Universal decap die 

    3. Swage: Hold down die

    4. Priming: 9mm size die 

    5. Expander die

    6. Powder measure

    7. Digital Powder check (When automated) 

    8. Bullet Drop

    9. Seat

    10. Crimp


    1. Case feed

    2. Universal decapper

    3. Dillon RT1500 trim and size+swage

    4. Priming: What dies do you guys use for this station on rifle brass? 

    5. Expander: Universal expander for both 223 and 308?

    6. Powder Drop

    7. Digital powder check (When automated)

    8. Bullet Drop

    9. Seat

    10. Crimp

  3. 1 minute ago, AverageJoeShooting said:

    Apparently grizzley gun works also makes M24x1 threaded comps. I don't think anyone knew of them before like 3 posts ago In this thread. 


    They have ones in stock that should work. If you get one take a video and post it here so the rest of us can see if it works or not. 


    I think the deal with advanced is that they are trying to control the stock and also terrible at production. So that combination makes it so the comps are never in stock. 


    Also I keep seeing that the shot pattern spreads out with advanced stuff but I'm close to saying that it simple does not matter. I've had no issues using a mod choke and knocking over steel at 50 yards in competition. 


    That's good to know, I'm running a full choke (perks over a Saiga) and haven't tested it on skeet shooting yet. I think the most viable option at this point is the ULW. Seems to be the next best thing when compared to the long comp. Hopefully @Nelsonh get around to one soon! 

  4. On 2/23/2020 at 3:05 PM, Nelsonh said:

    I just order the VR80 ULW Muzzle Brake and will see how it does first, I just cant see porting doing much with the lack of pressure a shotgun has but there is no denying how flat the muzzle stayed in the video.


    I'm looking at the ULW too, post a video of it when possible please. Have you tried the RT Long comps (old or new) yet? Porting almost always does well on shotguns from what I've seen. Agency arms ported their shotgun and that thing shoots flat. I've also seen many trap & skeet guns ported too and many shooters seem to like it. But again it's all highly perceptive. 

  5. On 2/21/2020 at 4:00 PM, Nelsonh said:

    Mine vr80 did not come with the heavy piston and armscor says my SN is in correct, said the number should start out as R0

    Mine does not start out with R0, does anybody else have one that the sn does not start out with R0?

    Ming came with a heavy piston, can't check the SN right now

  6. On 2/19/2020 at 11:56 AM, AverageJoeShooting said:

    Theres really like two choices. Either advanced tactical for the long break or taccom for their break. Earlier in this thread I did a video comparing the long and short breaks from advanced to the first taccom break. I know taccom has a newer ulw break which you can remove the handguard with while installed as well as change the choke tubes with removing the break. I havent tested that one at all.


    Advanced tactical almost never comes back in stock with their old style long comps nor the new style sadly. Idk if their production is inefficient or they're trying to control supply. I'm pretty close to giving up on Advanced Tactical. I'm also seeing the ULW but just hate the look. I had the CSS GK01 on my Saiga which worked pretty well, difference wasn't astronomical but definitely noticeable. 


    On 2/20/2020 at 7:52 AM, GSonnen said:

    V6 Muzzle Brakes is about to release a brake for the VR80.  I've shot a Saiga with one of their brakes and it was amazing.  I spoke with them and they are planning to release the brake this month or early March.


    Also, Hayes Custom is working on a mid barrel comp.  


    Don't the V6 dip the muzzle too much? Also don't like the look of the V6 😆


    @aandabooks posted a video on a comp he or his friend machined which seemed to work pretty well on all stock internals. He also mentioned advanced tactical comps tend to spread more of the shot than his? But anyways, tried contacting him on multiple channels (Youtube, here, FB) with 0 reply once I asked "where can I buy one?" The ULW might be the way to go at this point but I don't want to rush into a marginal performing muzzle device for the money they cost. 

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