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  1. Just got off the phone with their sales department @RGA They said that the trimmer can be ran with the manifold on the evolution, it just requires and I quote "offset toolhead" which I think it is this https://www.markvii-loading.com/review/product/list/id/1411/category/98/. I'll get the invoice tomorrow and get back to you with the product number.
  2. Thank you @RGA, so how are you catching the brass shavings in the trimmer station? I agree, I cannot see how a thinner trimmer is going to help and the die itself with the manifold would need to sit higher. Did you modify the manifold to fit with the decapper and expander dies around it?
  3. @RGA Are you swaging and trimming on the same station? Or did you remove your swager?
  4. Btw, Mark 7's CS says they're coming out with a slimmer trimmer around the same time the more cost efficient primer collator is coming out (Fall 2020)
  5. I was in touch with Mark 7's CS and they said their current trimmer WILL NOT fit onto their evolution press for 1 pass reloading. Their website says the trimmer does in the trimmer's description but their CS says different? I am leaning towards the RT1500 for trimming instead of the Bosch trimmer because of the RT1500's ability to also size. What do you guys think about this setup with the Evo? 9mm: Case feed Universal decap die Swage: Hold down die Priming: 9mm size die Expander die Powder measure Digital Powder check (When automated) Bullet Drop Seat Crimp 223/308: Case feed Universal decapper Dillon RT1500 trim and size+swage Priming: What dies do you guys use for this station on rifle brass? Expander: Universal expander for both 223 and 308? Powder Drop Digital powder check (When automated) Bullet Drop Seat Crimp
  6. That's good to know, I'm running a full choke (perks over a Saiga) and haven't tested it on skeet shooting yet. I think the most viable option at this point is the ULW. Seems to be the next best thing when compared to the long comp. Hopefully @Nelsonh get around to one soon!
  7. https://grizzlygunworks.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Fdefcon-1-rock-island-arms-shotgun-thread-on-muzzle-brake-m24-x-1 https://grizzlygunworks.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Frecon-rock-island-arms-shotgun-thread-on-muzzle-brake-m24-x-1 $160!!!!!
  8. I'm looking at the ULW too, post a video of it when possible please. Have you tried the RT Long comps (old or new) yet? Porting almost always does well on shotguns from what I've seen. Agency arms ported their shotgun and that thing shoots flat. I've also seen many trap & skeet guns ported too and many shooters seem to like it. But again it's all highly perceptive.
  9. Ming came with a heavy piston, can't check the SN right now
  10. Advanced tactical almost never comes back in stock with their old style long comps nor the new style sadly. Idk if their production is inefficient or they're trying to control supply. I'm pretty close to giving up on Advanced Tactical. I'm also seeing the ULW but just hate the look. I had the CSS GK01 on my Saiga which worked pretty well, difference wasn't astronomical but definitely noticeable. Don't the V6 dip the muzzle too much? Also don't like the look of the V6 @aandabooks posted a video on a comp he or his friend machined which seemed to work pretty well on all stock internals. He also mentioned advanced tactical comps tend to spread more of the shot than his? But anyways, tried contacting him on multiple channels (Youtube, here, FB) with 0 reply once I asked "where can I buy one?" The ULW might be the way to go at this point but I don't want to rush into a marginal performing muzzle device for the money they cost.
  11. What are some effective brakes that are currently available/in-stock to purchase? Can't find anything, Advanced Tactical also doesn't have an alert option for when their long comps are back in stock.
  12. @aandabooks couldn't message you directly, interested in the comp you printed.
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