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  1. They left a new credit card, a box of bullets, and new battery for my thermal along with my normal mail on my front step as my 1 yr old Lab was licking them (I can only guess) and what do you think a Lab does most, it chews on things:(
  2. Great dogs if trained well. I had a mostly liver male that was the most relaxed hunting dog I ever had.
  3. They have to buy the MKIV frames instead of making them. Patent rights on the frame prevent them from making them as of now.
  4. They actually had this same thing at Rimfire Worlds. Billy Striplin made the setup. It is a lot of fun. He even had pads with sensors on them you had to rest the muzzle to prevent a false start. This kind of resembles The American Handgunner Match.
  5. Ammoeater

    Sorry Dear

    Working in the back yard with the boys playing Cowboys, one of them yells "yippy-ky-aa. Without thinking I finished the quote then had to explain to my wife how the boys learned a new word!
  6. Home school day #20, one of them little bastards called in a bomb threat.
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