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  1. Charles, No we have to buy all our own weapons and uniforms etc. We get 50 bucks a month clothing allowance haha. I can put my own can on a weapon if I want but dont. The Donald, I'm a member of APSC, I'm in a weird slump since december. Most of last year my every other weekend off coincided with yalls matches. Now the last few months it's been opposite, I havent had a 1st or 3rd weekend off in forever. I just have to sling lead on my own at our pit
  2. Yeah I am always trying to get my guys to go compete as well but no one wants to spend money or practice more than the once a year quals and their targets show it haha. I reload substantially. I have a big workshop just for gunsmithing and reloading. The Sheriff's Office has access to a gravel pit to use for shooting that i can do all directional shooting/mock up uspsa stuff, and my farm has a private range as well.
  3. Im Josh, I am a Deputy in a Central TX Sheriff's Office, and formerly a Marine EOD Tech. I play in production mostly flipping between my M&P Pro 9L that I carry on duty for professional development and my CZ Shadow 2 that I've been tinkering with for a while. Im probably going to build a PCC this year and get into that as well. I love this forum its funny I took a couple years to actually sign in because I wanted to post something. See you guys on the range.
  4. I have the Apex Action Enhancement setup in my Shadow 2 and I am impressed. I really like the solid wall in Single Action instead of the mush through to fire. Couldnt get used to the none wall feeling of the factory trigger and all the stacking feeling and none smoothness of the Double Action. With the Apex setup the DA is super buttery. Polished all internals Have tried multiple recoil and hammer spring combos (11lb Recoil decided upon from the Cajun Tuner pack) Reduced Trigger Return Spring Floating Trigger Pin Extended Firing Pin from Cajun My results with 8.5lb Cajun Hammer Spring (4.8lb DA, 3.4lb SA) 95% with CCI, 100% with Winchester and Federal My results with 10lb CZC Hammer Spring (5.4lb DA, 3.6lb SA) 100% all primers My results with 11.5lb Cajun Hammer Spring (5.8lb DA, 3.8lb SA) 100% all primers With factory firing pin and the Apex reduced power firing pin spring it was probably 50% CCI primers and 90% Winchester and 100% Federal. Decided I'd try the extended pin to keep using CCI for practice since I have like 10k of them still.
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