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  1. Same. I really like that it won't even insert a .380.
  2. MNJoel

    Optics Zero

    LOL, me too. I zero at 25 yards... as good as I can.
  3. How well do Labradars work at an indoor range?
  4. How much do you need to trim off each case? Worst case I would be a bit skeptical that you are going to get some brass shavings in the case... probably not the end of the world though. Might want to add a Lyman M-die after the trimming to pre-flare the brass.
  5. I've noticed this as well... my mighty armory decapper with make some weird noises, but still blasts through it.
  6. I trust M7 has done their homework. I ordered one and will give you some feedback once it arrives. I can't wait to try it on large primers. I also don't reload for a living, so if it's down for a bit.... it's not the end of the world for me.
  7. Hmmm, intersting. I will have to get one on order. I hate loading large primers, hopefully this system works well.
  8. My favorite way to pull bullets.
  9. Is a hammer the only solution for coated bullets?
  10. Hideous machining (grinding marks)... new powder check in this photo?
  11. Holy crap, never heard of that before! Pretty amazing.... thanks!
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