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  1. If you look at the cup on their webpage, the info is there.
  2. I would rather have them get it right, then sell me a POS.
  3. I asked again (mid Sept)..here is the response "They had to make some running changes as they were testing the pre-production units."
  4. I've processed (deprime, swage, resize, trim, m-die) 15k cases, and it works great. I've only loaded 6-7k and it's been a bit of a learning curve. I run about 900 RPH and it's great... as soon as I bump it up to 1300-1500.... it usually s#!ts the bed (primer jam is most common). I have the 2nd guide rod, helps stabilize the tool head. Primer swap is easy...I usually push the primer punch upward while tightening things down. 9mm small primers are also the small rifle primer parts. You need a rifle-sized powder drop, 223 conversion kit, and obv
  5. I just checked in.... it's been pushed back to Q4 (per Joseph)
  6. Same, something always seems to go wrong at those speeds. Missed primer or shell plate doesn't advance. Not sure if those are related or not.
  7. Lyman supposed has a new cast version of their press coming out - to compete with the Dillon. They are not eliminating the machined version. They also have this new bada$$ primer loader system coming out in July (?)...link below.... $499 is a great price!
  8. MNJoel

    10mm CZ custom

    The CZC 10mm is $2500....ouch!
  9. Here's what I got from M7... sorry, B Enos would only let me upload a tiny file size.
  10. I was told $499 as well. He wasn't sure if the $499 was a pre-buy price, or if the MSRP would be higher than $499. Still waiting to hear back.
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