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  1. I use everglades 147 JHP, 4.1 WSF, 1.116 oal, 950 fps. Dont care for 147gr Noslers.
  2. Have a GMR-15. No thermal. Roller trigger love it. Waiting for a can. Just ordered the LTC-19 in 308. Talk to Ben at JP. Wealth of knowledge.
  3. Ive had a FX-9 for the past year and it has been very dependable and accurate. Just got my GMR-15. Amazing. I see why competition shooters like these. No experience with MPX.
  4. Currently thru my FX-9 8" with PD JHP 124 gr, WSF 4.9, OAL 1.110, 1100 fps. Switched to 147gr JHP Everglades 4.1gr ,1.130, 950 fps. Noticeably less recoil and subsonic. Got a can comming and a GMR- 15. Also use coated SnS 147 FN with same specs but cheaper.
  5. Have over 5000 trouble free rounds thru my FX-9 8" barrel. Put a CMC flat drop-in trigger. fist size groups at 50 yds and still hit steel at 100 off hand. Amazing pistol for 650.00. Have a cyclops PA prism scope with a Vortex 3x mag. Prefer a red dot but astigmatism prevents. Did add a can. Still in jail.
  6. Its hitting the ejection port. Not unusual. Its gone after reloading.
  7. http://www.shooterscalculator.com/ballistic-trajectory-chart.php?t=10bd88a7 Im using PD JHP 124gr. 4.9gr WSF 1.111 oal. 1200 fps. At 100 yds I hold 3-4 " or top of 8" steel. I have this app on my phone.
  8. I have the FX-9 8" also. Stock buffer. What have the quarters done for your buffer?
  9. I use PD 124gr JHP, WSF 4.8gr. Clean after every use and its never that dirty.
  10. PD 124gr JHP. 4.8gr WSF. 1.111 oal. PF 148. Going to tone it down to sub sonic when my stamp arrives. FX-9 8" barrel.
  11. Ive shot 147gr 3.5gr tite group, soft. My regular is PD 124gr JHP 4.8gr WSF. PF 148. Not so soft. I will probably tone it down to sub sonic when my suppressor gets out of jail.
  12. I have a FX-9 8". It has become my most fun gun. I shoot my own reloads. PD 124gr JHP. 1200 fps. Put a CMC flat trigger 3.5 lb drop in. Big difference in shooting. Shoots as fast I pull the trigger. No malfunctions. It doesn't like the SMG 33rd mag that came with it. Jamed. Freedom Ordinance no longer uses SMG and is replacing my SMG mag with an ETS. I have been using Glock 17rd mags with 0 issues.
  13. FX-9 8" $650.00 very reliable. Shoots everything I put thru it. Doesnt like the SMG big stick mag. Freedom Ordanance is sending a ETS mag replacement.
  14. have the CMC 3.5lb flat 'drop in' in my FX-9 8". Amazing difference. Best upgrade.
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