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  1. The stages should be completely isolated from each other so that the timer doesn't pick up shots from the next stage and they can be reset safely unless you are using targets you can reset remotely like a plate rack with a cable. The targets on the ground appear to need to be reset by hand downrange. The stages will run slow and choke up for sure.
  2. I use a lighter spring on my 1911's. Just make sure that when the slide slams forward the firing pin leaves no mark on the primer. You want it strong enough to get the firing pin back quick enough so there is no drag marks on the primer from the firing pin either. Many industrial suppliers have springs you can use.
  3. In the picture the ejector looks very short. It may be broken off or been shortened causing the problem.. There should be a leg on the front side of it.
  4. Looks like the ejector isn't kicking the brass out until the end of the recoil cycle. Brownell's offers an extended version which will clear the port sooner. https://www.brownells.com/handgun-parts/action-parts/ejector-parts/ejectors/combat-45-extended-ejector-sku965000023-16396-46126.aspx
  5. Watch linebackers move in football. Lots of good tutorials.
  6. I went to the Nationals 2 years ago with 2 guys from my home club that usually beat me. I buried them after the first day because I went into match mode and did what i knew how to do instead of pushing like I do at club matches. Same at the Western Single Stack Championships this past February. 98% wins matches. 110% zeroes stages. LOL
  7. Had a load of fun at the match. The new format where we pre-loaded and made everyone hot before they came to the line seemed to not only save time but gave the match momentum and energy. I think people shot better and enjoyed the match more.
  8. At 67 I'm pretty beat up from old injuries of an adventurous misspent youth so the 2-gun division lets me participate somewhat comfortably. Placed 126th. CRO'd stage 10. Want to thank everyone for coming out. 2 and 3-gunners ain't scared of nuthin'.
  9. The cancellation of the Southwest Regional Steel Challenge has left this saturday 3/28/2020 open for the normally scheduled monthly Hosemasters Match at Rio Salado Sportsmans Club. Registration opens at 6:00 PM today 3/24/2020 on Practiscore. Please contact me, Mark Gardner, with any questions. mesa3gunner@gmail.com Squads will be limited to 10 people. Social distancing is advised. Gloves to handle the timer and I-pad will be provided.
  10. There are many surfaces that need to be square with each other when fitting the barrel. The receiver face, the threads, the 2 barrel flange surfaces that are clamped and the threads and inner surface of the retaining nut. If you cannot measure all of these to see if there is a problem in how they relate to each other then you should probably leave them alone. Way too much to go wrong. Get quality components and assemble them.
  11. I'm going to meet over 400 people this weekend as a CRO at the SMM3G. We'll take the usual precautions like we always do during flu season. No hugging, kissing or hand shaking.
  12. I'm a trained tracker and know that I needed to be trained to use my eyes to be an effective tracker. Same goes for any endeavor that your eyes play a significant role in.
  13. Okay. I'll go buy more toilet paper.
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