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  1. short stroking,use lighter recoil spring or more powder
  2. could not get the swc's to work either, but found some 225 grain flat points that it liked very much
  3. I would lengthen the OAL, to at least 1.125-1.135 Mic a factory 115 FMJ round 1.152
  4. Academy had one on the shelf, $599, still not ready to jump
  5. Skateboard tape would stick nicely to a Gen 1 frame, so it seems.
  6. Maybe, but a lot of new Gen 3's showing up in LGS , so Glock is pushing them out as more than just a Cali gun, I'm thankful.
  7. Not interested, there has to be a reason Glock Inc quit making Gen 4's. I'm not a fan of removable backstraps either. Glock should have stayed with the Gen 2 platform as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Yes, I like that Gen 1 grip, but not enough to hand over $700. Gen 2's are my first choice, then Gen 3's
  9. Saw one in a LGS today, for some reason they mark the slide with P80, but it was def a Glock product. Price was too steep for me to consider though at $699 Sorry if this has already been discussed.
  10. Black Majic skateboard tape
  11. See if you can find me a 9mm conversion barrel for my Glock 21
  12. I have not put much confidence in Win white box ammo for years now. I know that doesn't remedy anything since that's what you use, but I would try some different ammo, Fiocchi 115, or 124's, CCI blazer brass 115's
  13. Or engineering might have something to do with it?????
  14. Exactly , but for some ppl a 90% gun is acceptable.
  15. Negative, 2 magazines with it, but I like the finish, not that shiny frying pan coating, closer to that old flat black phosphate look.
  16. It can be, but if it was so reliable and fool proof, why would Glock inc even make 9mm slides? Why not save the money, and cut only 40 cal slides for both 9mm/40 cal. Something to think about.
  17. Just picked up a new Gen 3 Glock 24, very happy to find one in a LGS considering the current environment
  18. Gen 1 sti mags are some of the most durable mag tubes you can find. I had some I used for 8 years in uspsa matches, not one went out of spec.
  19. John,   I think Clint Upchurch has a nice Trojan 9mm set up for sale. I'll text him

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  20. First vid I ever bought on shooting was Ron's "Secrets of a professional shooter" . Was able to talk with him a couple of times at a match. Good man,........... rest in peace...Godspeed
  21. Send me some details on the sq deal you want sell please, a coworker is looking, i'm trying to help


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