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  1. the final result this gun have instaled armanov grips, Dawson sights , extreme trigger extreme firing ping extreme firing pin spring , one piece sear , r5 interruptor ..13 lb hammer spring
  2. thanks yes that gun have instaled the extreme trigger , extreme firing pin , extreme spring, Dawson front sight , armanov grips, one piece sear , r5 interruptor and just get the titan hammer but not installed yet y put it to try but give me more wiggle in the single acction so just get back to the normal hammer until more test .. I think I need another interruptor to fit the new titan hammer . yes that book is awesome just get it to..
  3. ok guys it works really well I put the R5 and one piece sear did some fitting with the dremel try and error maybe a 8 times until it fits the single action its amazing now .
  4. jajaj ok I get it just watching videos how to...polish that disconnector any recommendation
  5. sorry tell me more detail what disco ? when y put the titan hammer this will disappear ?
  6. so i instal the r5 interruptor an the one piece sear (Xtreme) it fells great,in double and single action ,, but when I put the slide on and rack it the hammer went back and the trigger went block don't let me fire .. I take of the slide and push dow the sera cage and it works again . but when I put the slide it blocks again ? I just ask for the titan hammer ....
  7. yes its , small frame im in Ecuador sur America thanks I will try to put the one piece sear and the r5 interruptor if they don't work ill get back . in here is very difficult to find a gunsmith or parts ..
  8. i have the small frame stock 2 have the stock hammer and sear I have the extreme one piece sear (not instal yet) do you think I should try to put the r5 and see if the tiger works?? or have to buy the titan hammer
  9. CAN I JUST INSTAL THE R5 INTERRUPTOR (droop in part) and let the other parts the same ?? thanks for the help
  10. gracias lo volvi a instalar por ese motivo. relacionado a la seguridad
  11. hey so I am Camilo from Ecuador sur America I have a stock2 in 9 mm its ok. to remove the firing pin block for a better trigger ??
  12. Thanks for the help i Ended Puting the xtreme sear cage and the bolo whit some fitting and a lot of research Ended very well..
  13. Im from Ecuador in here is realy hard to get any tipe of firearm i just get a tanfoglio stock2 new from an import ( Lots and Lots of paperworks) thabks for the help i Will get the titan hammer
  14. Hey can i instal in the tanfo stock 2 the bolo , the xtreme sear , the xtreme firing pin the xtreme firing pin spring the xtreme hammer spring and use the factor hammer? Thanks for the help
  15. thanks and what you recommend? what model of frame?
  16. yes ,,and if the frame of the STI macht with the colt government model in 9mm?
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