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  1. I'm fairly new to reloading but I've been pleased with HP-38, which isn't far from N320 on the burn rate chart.
  2. Last night I loaded up 10 rounds that look like what Postal Bob posted above, at 1.120" I believe. I just need to get to the range to see how they shoot. thanks for the responses!
  3. Seems like I went by Lyman reload data when loading some 170 grain SWC at 1.10", which seems quite short. They shoot ok, just seem short. Is there any reason why I can't load them a little longer ?? btw, powder is 5 grains of HP-38. shooting those bullets from a G22 with an Alphawolf barrel .
  4. I have no idea how I'd have gotten a sufficient crimp without using the factory crimp die.
  5. He is right. This evening I cranked the factory crimp die down more than I ever had and those bullets feed just fine
  6. My last step was with the factory crimp die set just like when I load blue bullets or plated, both of which easily plunk into the barrel
  7. A buddy of mine gave me some .40 brass and 100 ea 180 grain cast TC bullets. I hadn't had a chance to load any until this morning. Fortunately I only loaded ten of them. Once I had them loaded I decided to make sure they would chamber in my G22. The first one in jammed it up tight. I'm pretty sure the cast bullet jammed into the rifling and it took some swearing and I was finally able to get it out. I tried that same bullet in the factory barrel as well as an Alpha Wolf barrel and it stuck in both. OAL was 1.10" per Lyman load data for that bullet. I also shortened the load by a few thousandths and it still stuck. Is it possible that those barrels aren't suited for that profile lead bullet? Or is there potentially some other issue I've not thought of?
  8. I posted asking the same thing but got no responses on this forum. I did get a couple of responses on the 40/10 reloading forum however.
  9. I measured one of the rounds. The smallest measurement I got is .417 near the middle of the case. The largest is .420 at the base of the bullet. A little light will show through the opening, when I hold a straight edge on the case, but it doesn't seem significant.
  10. How can I find reloading data for plinking rounds to shoot from a Ruger PC carbine? I don't have a chrono btw.
  11. Probably should have mentioned that I'm looking for .40 s&w PCC loads. Also, I just noticed there's a PCC forum, which is where I should have posted. I'll leave this thread here and will hopefully get a few responses.
  12. How can I find reloading data for plinking rounds to shoot from a Ruger PC carbine? I don't have a chrono btw.
  13. I discovered that after I posted what I did above. No idea where I got in my head that it's a roll crimp die....still got lots to learn obviously.
  14. https://leeprecision.com/carbide-factory-crimp-die-40sw10mm.html Turns out it's not a roll crimp after all. I wish I had looked at this earlier than now... live and learn I reckon.
  15. Well, there's a few folks in that thread that use it..
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