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  1. Fair enough. I wasn't comfortable just handing out his phone number, which is the fastest way to get ahold of him
  2. I believe so. I'd suggest hitting Mark up on Facebook. He's pretty responsive.
  3. @Bakerjd I'm sure Mark would be happy to build a Commander for you to carry Carne sight block commander with a Cheely stainless grip. I'd lose the massive magwell, though Cheely has a tactical magwell now.
  4. Carne Custom. This one is just a little under commander length (4 in). If you can live without the aluminum grip, the Bul Tactical Carry Commander is very nice. Also. affordable
  5. Mark built an absolutely beautiful carry gun for me. Shoots like a dream.
  6. If it works in an STI, then probably not.
  7. Bul Armory Tactical Carry Commander. 2-tone finish and the compact grip.
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