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  1. Unique powder has been around forever and used by many. It should meet your requirements making major with proper work-up.
  2. I have a G23C also ported. There's really no reason to reload differently either way be it ported or not.
  3. I too use two desk LED lamps. Puts out a tremendous amount of light and because their LED, no heat. Forget what I payed for them, but know it wasn't outrages.
  4. I sent my 550B back for the same reason you mention i.e. nothing wrong, just needed a "proper" clean up. Read the return procedures carefully as you pretty much have to take eveytghing off (handle, primer assembly etc) and basically forward a stripped down unit. In my note to them, I asked for them to upgrade my press to a 550C which really only entails the addition of grease fittings at necessary lubing points. The turn around was excellent < two weeks for sending out and having it back. Additionally, you could not tell the difference from a brand spanking new unit. They do an excelle
  5. The only true thing by leaving the powder in the funnel is discoloration of the plastic tube. Otherwise, it doesn't hurt to leave powder in the hopper. If the discoloration after a few years gets real bad, give Dillon a call and they will send you a new one "gratis" (bet you didn't know that bit of information).
  6. I'am going to go with what "yeti" above posted as it's the most logical. FYI, I have a G23 and have fired literally thousands of rounds (just about every mfg's brand) from range pick up and never had my Glock do what your experiencing. Since you're not having luck with the company you purchased it from, consider it a loss and move on "out of sight, out of mind".
  7. I've been reloading for many years and only "once" did a come across a piece of brass like that. I don't think Glock barrel could have caused such a thing. Very strange indeed. If you happen to find a logical answer, please let us all know.
  8. Looks very interesting, I might just try a amount and see how they perform.
  9. Mine broke one time as well......just went to local Home Depot. Problem solved.
  10. That's why they have the representation they do....
  11. N320 would work very well.
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