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  1. PROBLEM SOLVED!! Polymer had the solution. Chamfering and polishing the bejesus out of the botton of the breach face solved it. The rough edge was scratching the on deck round as it was chambering the top round. Sometimes it would push it so far forward, the extractor didnt grab it but instead, slapped it into chamber.. on deck round would come up and lock the slide back. I made some dummy rounds, racked them several times and was able to recreate. So i filed, sanded and polished for 2 hours. Ran a couple hundred rnds practise and just shot our monday night match. Gun is running like a top!! Not only came in first place overall but was also 1st overall on all 4 stages. 58 shooters. Have 4 sanctioned matches in the next few months and am glad this issue is behind me. Thanks for advise.
  2. Also, just checked the k9 mags i was using today, lips are .340 on all 3
  3. Sorry for delay in update. I made the following changes: filed/chamfered bottom if breach face and polished. Changed recoil spring to wolff 12 lb recoil spring. Installed henning flat trigger (has no impact on issue but wow, nice trigger). Today I shot an 8 stage IDPA match, approx 135 rounds, and had two malfunctions. In both cases, i was about half way through mag and had double feed. The round was fully chambered BUT, the slide was still back a bit. Enough to see the entire bottom of the round in the chamber. The bottom of the breach face was hitting the next round in the mag and locked way back. I’m guessing the slide slapped the round into the chamber. I thought the round was supposed to slide up the breach face as the slide pushes it forward and as it does, the extractor slides into the lip locking the round to the breach face until it is ejected. This did not happen both times. I was shooting 147 gn fmj 1.14-1.15 loa.
  4. I found another thread here that discusses recoil spring length. I’m going to research this a bit because the symptoms point in this direction. If this is my problem, PD AND Wolff sold me the wrong recoil springs. Will update...
  5. I performed all above recommendations and still having the issue. It is behaving like a weak recoil spring however, from what I see, many run 10lb recoil springs in the lim pro. I am running 11lb. I believe the stock spring is 14lb.
  6. Got it. Will do tomorow and update. Thx.
  7. Are you referring to the bottom of the breach face?
  8. Just purchased an IFG Lim Pro 9mm from PD. Wondering if these guns prefer shorter loa. Im getting feed issues at 1.15. I initially had over-insertion issues with the stock mag bases but PD’s aluminum bases seemed to fix that. The gun seems to run better with 1.12 loa rounds but will still occasionally hang up. Running wolff 11lb recoil.
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