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  1. Thanks Trubal. I assumed I was right, but I did not want to go off my own assumption. I should be getting one once my gun fund recovers from this holiday season.
  2. Hey everyone, Just joined the forum which has been fun to lurk for a while. I have not had a chance to compete because of lack of time but I have found a bunch of the training information to work great for work (LEO). Thanks for being a great resource.
  3. Trubal, I have a few questions in regard of this system working in conjunction to a short barrel rifle/pistol build. Has this worked reliably in short barrels? I am assuming yes to my first question with my second one. Seeing that the buffer is lighter then normal buffers, would it make underpowered ammunition (I.E. Wolf and similar cheap practice ammo) work more reliably in more finicky short barrel guns? I am quite interested in this buffer.
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