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  1. Did that and I still get that page but only on the original login. If I don’t clear history and website data (cache) but close the page, open a new page and paste the link again there isn’t an issue. There is if I clear cache and re paste though. Really confused here. Perhaps it is time to use duck duck go or Firefox.
  2. Thanks, I clear history and website data after each use. I checked in the safari settings listed above to confirm and there is nothing in there. Unfortunately it is still not working.
  3. I am having an issue that just started today when trying to login via an iphone at https://forums.brianenos.com/login it immediately redirects me to another brianenos page that appears to be in html? Something about invision community, invision power systems. Curious if anyone else is seeing this. Once I am at that page I can backspace out everything after forums.brianenos.com and then get to the forum.
  4. Thanks Umberto. Is there a list to get on or will you update this thread once we are able to order?
  5. Had to re read you sold yours. Wasn’t a fan of the RF-100 as I couldn’t get it to work right no matter what I tried. The FA Vibra Prime works sometimes. Patiently waiting for these to become available again. Umberto will you have a website to order them through?
  6. Curious what you went with, or if you were able to find anything? I bought once and cried once. Very little issues with my LabRadar.
  7. I recently picked up 4K federal match lpp primers and have previously read that there have been issues with the 650 and federal primers, curious if it is still an issue?
  8. You can search for Panasonic Eneloop pro aa bk-3hcca8ba on Amazon.
  9. The labradar tripod is very nice. I am also glad that I bought once and cried once. The labradar works very well. Although on standard settings it does pick up other lanes close by.
  10. Thanks for the explanation. This will be stand alone so no need to standardize. I had already purchased the lab radar tripod before you responded. I’m assuming that will work as well?
  11. I plan on mainly using the labradar to chrono handgun loads. Is it better to purchase the base and quick release heavy duty swivel head from Arkco or will that not raise the labradar up high enough? On the Arkco website the last note under the heavy duty swivel head it states it is for the swivel head only, further up though it states the quick release plate is included. Does the quick release plate come with it? Basically it comes with everything in the photo?
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