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  1. wouldn’t have minded a 21 round mag at nationals and I just shot 2 21 round stages (both a different clubs) that a 21 round mag could have opened up a few options so..there’s that..lol also at area 8 This year there was a 20 round stage, all paper that would have been nice to have 22 in the gun. on the flip side I did call TTI and they have great customer service! I told the lady I was gonna try a few things out first. She said if that doesn’t work they will fix it for free. Glad to see there’s companies that will fix their own problems.
  2. one thing I will never understand is the mag issue. It’s almost 2020! Why hasn’t anyone came out with a reliable magazine?!
  3. I just tried out Lucas extreme and that’s pretty sweet. Very slick stuff and I think it’s good for the winter. I usually use ballistol
  4. I agree but I know for me I want to use the best gear I can afford for a couple reasons. first and foremost if I use the best gear I can’t blame the gear for “holding me back”. Second is I know I’m going to eventually upgrade to said gear. So for me “buy once, cry once” third. I play a mini game with myself and see if I can buy said gear without my wife finding out! Almost as satisfying getting it past her as it is playing with the gear! Lol
  5. I’m pretty sure this is spring related but I want to throw it out there. I literally used this mag 4 times max and it kept jamming up on me at a match. The first time it did it I thought I was riding the slide release and locked the gun up. The second time I did it, it was the mags fault. The top round didn’t pop up and was jammed up just below my feed ramp. The mag was tuned by myself before hand at .370 in the rear and .390ish in the front. This is what I have all my mbx mags at and has always worked. When I was unloading my mags at the end of the day I noticed that the spring pres
  6. I just swapped out all the bolt parts but haven’t made it out to the range! Work has been crazy but hoping to go out Christmas Day.
  7. Need to lose a few before next season and really need to improve my footwork. I just got an agility ladder and will start working with that once it comes in. What else are you guys doing to improve footwork and dropping weight?
  8. I just got a crazy good deal on 55g wolf boat tail bullets from https://www.wideners.com I just came across their website when stocking up on 55gr bullets and now they are my first site I go to when shopping. Just shot them about a week ago to see how they would fair and I couldn’t complain. About 1” group at 100 is just fine for plinking ammo. Incase you care I was loading 26.2 of CFE223 at sammi spec OAL. Not sure on what gear you have to load 223 yet but I would highly suggest a Hornady ogive gauge. This way you’re not taking the measurements off the very tip of th
  9. .:.UPDATE.:. i just returned this trigger to optics planet because I had serious “hammer follow” when shooting fast. This would also happen if I pin the trigger to the rear and let it out slowly. The hammer actually fell forward like a 1911 does! I was shocked to say the least because I really liked the trigger for the price point. I called optics planet and they were great as always but I didn’t want a replacement. I had this on my “SHTF” rifle so needless to say, that wasn’t cool when I had to rack the gun to reset the trigger. I didn’t bother calling rise to
  10. brownells. Midway USA. Optics planet. Euro optics. those are the ones I’ve used in the past. Be carful of your google searches tho. If you see an atlas bipod with a $200 dollar price tag that’s crossed out saying “sale! $75 dollars!” Stay way! Lol it’s gonna be a Chinese knock off. I know some people who buy these and are totally ok with it but in my experience, it’s a crap shoot. I recommend just buying once and crying once.
  11. At least STI put out a better gun than Glock! went into the future with Marty Mcfly and in the year 2025 Glock is came out with the G76 and it’s same size as a G19 but shoots a 79AGP. (automatic Glock pistol) lol im excited to see the line up but I’m with everyone else. Scratching my head and wondering why they got rid of the edge.
  12. I just got one also from brownells. They are actually very useful. I also switch out slings prematurely in my open gun to make sure I don’t crack anything. Because I do this, I think it’s imperative to make sure the spring I’m putting in is Correct. Who’s to say the guy at wolf didn’t make a mistake and put a 7 pound spring into the 9pound package? Mistakes happen all the time and if a $25 dollar tool will help protect my gun, then I’m all for it. A slide and barrel done right is easy $850 bucks. Springs and gauge are cheap! Don’t knock until you try it!
  13. Bens dryfire book got me to GM. That book gives great structure and even a program to follow in the back of the book. Would highly recommend it!
  14. I don’t understand why Glock has to keep coming out with disappointing guns every year. The Glock gen 5 reveal was Dumb cause they already had that tech. Built into the first gen. The year before that they came out with the g42 in 380 which was the same size, if not bigger, than the pocket 9mm. My shield is bigger than this and holds more rounds. Now they release a 22lr gun, which is a tiny bit better than years previous, but still leaves me with “really, this is all you cake up with?” Maybe they are holding out till shot show to release something else but I just figured 2020 would be better.
  15. I would 100% agree with your review. The gun that this trigger is in just needs to go bang. I have a timney in my 3g rifle. Both guns have a purpose and I wasn’t spending that kind of money on my “just go bang” rifle. I did try a Mil-Spec trigger with the jp springs in it and wasn’t impressed. I do think the rise is better than that set up. I won’t ever shoot pcc so I can’t say if this is what I would go with. I can tell you this tho, I wouldn’t have the rise in my 3g rifle tho. I would pony up to get a really sweet trigger.
  16. If you keep your eyes open you can find some great deals for 223. I just bought 4K 55g wolf for just over $200 shipped from widners reloading Website. You can also find deals for bulk cheapo rifle powder. Won’t be the most accurate stuff like varget or reloader 15 but it’s cost effective. during the winter I take a break from USPSA and load rifle rounds for plinking.
  17. Atlas bipodis very versatile and comes with a ton of adjustment features. It’s pricy but if you already have this kind of set up, then spending $200 on a bipod isn’t bad. Be carful tho. There are Chinese knock offs That are flooding the market. Buy from a reputable seller.
  18. I ordered a ton of parts for Black Friday and one of them was this rise trigger. I got it in my lower and I was off to the range Saturday. Pretty sweet trigger for the money. I have a timney in my 3G rifle and obviously it’s not as goo as that but it holds its own. Pull weight is about 3.5 as advertised and the reset is pretty sweet. FYI primary arms has this now on sale for $85 bucks.
  19. My buddy got one for his rig and he said it was $10 bucks on eBay. He said it’s just a snowboard Ratchet for your feet.
  20. I wasn’t trying to make it into a match trigger but I was hoping it would improve. ill try to cut that part and polish also.
  21. I was putting a lower build together tonight and I got the JP yellow spring kit for a Mil-Spec trigger. I wasn’t expecting timney quality but something similar to my rock river Mil-Spec trigger. All I have to say is EW, no. Maybe I’m missing something but the trigger is marginally better than Mil-Spec and the hammer is so light falling forward that I’m worried about light strikes. I’ll be taking this back. Kinda disappointed and I’m hoping I missed something. anyone have any ideas?
  22. I’ve never heard of “thermofit”. What does that mean and what are the benefits?
  23. This seems like a great little press to set in the back for odd ball stuff. I have a Dillon swaging tool and would love to set this little guy up to swage. Think this can be connected to the Dillon ?case feeder
  24. i didn’t know that about over gassing but I will check the bolt issues out when I get home. thank you so much for your advice!
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