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  1. Ya I’m pretty sure about that. Who shoots SS in 40 MINOR!
  2. Adam from atlas said that in one of his videos “to switch from major to minor depending on the match.” That’s stupid. You always want to shoot major if you have the option. The difference between the 2 calibers besides major is the round count. You’ll get more rounds with 40 than 45
  3. I messed with the angle and I’m getting upside down bullets lol I’ve thought about putting skateboard tape on the shims!
  4. I’ve had this feeder for 2-3 years now and it works ok. I was wondering if anyone made a guard to block the bullets from slipping off the very top of the feeder. The part that I’m talking about is where the shins are. I think the bullets are slipping off and me working the press makes the bullets fall out of the feeder. This happens 2-3 times out of 100 and it’s annoying.
  5. I’m currently building a “light weight SPR” and was thinking about going 18”. What gas length do I go with and why?
  6. Just 1. I have 2 spares cause I keep loosing them. After I get done I wrap them around the handles of my range bag so I don’t loose them. I haven’t had my gun belt fall off in a match or practice cause I use the keeper. During dryfire tho, my belt has fallen off. That alone will always make me use it when I’m dealing with a loaded gun.
  7. So far so good! loaded up 250 rounds with the Tula stuff for practice and they all went bang! Still won’t shoot them for majors. Locals, maybe but I want to get more rounds fired. Figured I’ll spread the news as time progresses.
  8. Nope. I can get Tula primers for $100 bucks a case and even less if I buy 3 or more cases at a time so...there’s that..
  9. Did you guys use different primers During testing? Sounds like a dumb question but have been hearing a lot of bad things so far with different primers fouling up the system. Lol You guys arnt known for using high quality material in your products. Really want this to work but when I saw your first YouTube video, I was kinda disappointed. Looks like you used a lot of cheap plastic again. Hope it works out. I’ve had a lot of your products and have been really disappointed in the quality. Maybe you guys can release a beefier and better quality product.
  10. Understood. I wasn’t looking to buy from a member, just looking for help.
  11. Lol I just found what I needed. Mods please lock up
  12. Anyone know where I can get just the tray? Looked online and couldn’t find one.
  13. have you tried Tula pistol primers? I got 1k at a gun show but hesitant to use because it’s “Tula”
  14. Picked some up at a gun show this weekend for really cheap. Wanted to know if they were any good. The dealer said he sells cases for $100 bucks which is a really sweet deal.
  15. I don’t have time to test loads in the rifle I’m going to use this in. It’s a basic 16” ar15 shooting a 55g bullet.
  16. Dont forget to chime in once you have it up and going!
  17. Wondering if anyone has gotten their hands on this. It sounds like a great concept but I’m concerned about DAA making this. A lot of DAA stuff is cheap plastic that isn’t set up to last.
  18. Jump box? send me your email and I’ll send you the video my buddy sent me for the ladder. Haven’t started it just yet cause I want to lose about 10 pounds. Want to make it easier on my knees. Really want to go to the next level and this is the way to do that. Need to get physically faster.
  19. Area 8. If they went to a 2 day format it would turn a great match into a fantastic match! It’s moved to a different location this year so we will have to see about that but in years past, it’s been awesome! Along with a different location, it’s a different staff and area director. I believe it’s still going to be awesome tho.
  20. Eh. I say $1500 is a little light. Id say $2k
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