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  1. I use this for my 40 limited gun, (4.3 @ 1.175 OAL) but need a starting place for 9mm. ive always used WSF and switched last year to promo. Never took the time to get data for 9mm and Alliant doesn’t have data out for 9mm.
  2. No it’s not. They said the metal piece that rotates the circle primer disc may be worn. I switched it out along with the new spring but I dunno. Thought it was strange.
  3. I go thru these springs once every couple months! The last one it literally broke in half and not sure why! The guy at Dillon gave me some advice on what to do but it doesn’t seem like it will work. He said to change out the metal locator tab that rotates the primer assembly. I did just that on this time around but wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
  4. Man, this sucked! I show up to the range which is an hour away. Get out and walk thru stages and as I went to gear up and dryfire, I realize I forgot my rig! Good thing to come out of this is now I do a mental run thru to make sure I have all my stuff! “Ok do I have guns? Guns take mags, do I have those? Mags take ammo, do I have that? Loaded mags go into rig, do I have that? Rig attaches to belt, do I have that? Seems like I’ve simplified that process! Lol Eyes, ears! EVERYTHING else I can either bumb or buy at a store.
  5. I actually have a sample pack of 165 blues in the mail that I’m going to try. I may drop the powder a grain to see whats going on. I feel it maybe lighter.
  6. I don’t shoot 3 gun but if I did, maybe I would give this a look. Seems like it could hang with the 2011 platforms for 3G. Wonder if it will come to the states right away so we can play with them!
  7. Looks interesting. I would want to shoot this and see how it stacks up to the limited guns that are steel framed! Also it looks like sig is trying to capitalize on STI getting out of the USPSA market, smart. I may have missed this, but why wasn’t this at shot show? Seems like this is a pretty big announcement for sig.
  8. What did you learn? what did you do right? what did you do wrong? ive been writing this down after every time I shoot the gun. Wether it’s a match, or practice I’ve been writing this down. This has been helping me really hone in on what to work on in dryfire. This wasn’t my idea and I am not taking credit for this. I heard this on a Anderson podcast with bashams son. Just wanted to share what’s been working for me in hopes that it might help someone else.
  9. So this wasn’t my idea but I think it’s a good one. Word on the street says Jerry M welded a revolver frame to the stick shift in his truck so he could practice working the trigger while driving. I just take the slide off my gun. I pull the trigger as fast as I can till I hit 6 then flip the gun and slam the mag release. Basically a bill drill with a reload. Get my sub conscious used to counting to 6 and hitting the mag release constantly.
  10. Milling for sure. But you have to make sure the guy knows what he’s doing. My buddy went stupid cheap and had a local milling shop do is slide on his cz. He kept breaking his red dots thinking his dot was defective. After some measuring, turns out the guy who killed his slide was off just enough to have the cycling of the gun break the red dot. Now he’s out a slide! Get it done by a reputable company who knows what they are doing.
  11. Just trying to get a financial game plan for nationals this year. Any idea when Slot registration will be?
  12. Planning on filling out my paperwork here in the next couple days. I have some questions on what to expect to “tune” the rifle. I haven’t really made up my mind on what barrel length yet but it’s going to be .223 for my first upper. what have you guys ran into to “tune” your rifle to Make you work reliably? Heard that gas and buffer systems have caused issues. Do most guys run regular carbine buffer and springs? Also, what size gas block are most guys running?
  13. Forgot to give you guys a report back. I shot the 1k primers that I got from the December gun show. No hiccups and they all loaded great. So great that the gun show this past weekend I picked up 3k more! Couldn’t pass up the $25 a 1k for great performance. I wouldn’t shoot them in a major match yet, I prefer cci, but I’ll use them for everything else. At least with my experience with Tula, I will be buying again and again.
  14. Wanting to start to get involved wjth SBRs and Cans. If you travel from state to state, what is involved with submitting paper work? I heard if you travel to a stage that Permits NFA items, you must fill out a form granting permission. Is this true? Wanting to travel from PA to VA to shoot deer with a Suppressed SBR next season.
  15. I got a cheapo foldable cart for Christmas and it’s pretty sweet. Does the job and I can throw it in my trunk after the match. BUT anyone in the Area 8 area may have seen this guy from NY who put a little engine on this scooter thing. He uses that as his cart and just drives it from bay to bay! Pretty slick
  16. I haven’t noticed any accuracy differences with blues. I used to buy a local company bullet that’s .401 and switches to blues specifically because they have a smaller bullet. I find case gauging isn’t such a pain due to the smaller bullet diameter. Also, I found that I can use a little less powder to make PF. Yes, it’s small but every little bit tends to add up over time. They have been accurate enough for me. If I can bench the gun and hit the A zone at 50 yards with a fist size group, I’m good.
  17. DLC. I’ve had my Titan for over 3 years now and it’s taken me from A to GM. I say that because the finish has lasted and still going strong from extremely hard use. highly recommended dlc.
  18. I just separated a bunch of the NT primers to be processed. I have a swagit for my Dillon and that works ok for those cases. I’ve been running them thru twice and it seems to work ok. Still have some that are a pain in the ass to seat.
  19. The more time I am pulling the handle, the faster I can get done. I hate reloading So much but it’s a Necessary evil.
  20. Been looking for sometime now for a bigger Dillon priming tube system. Want to put more than 100 primers in my machine at a time. Anyone seen anything like this?
  21. This is my first year I’m shooting a steel match and I usually shoot USPSA. I’m going to use my limited gun that has a 11 pound spring for 180 grain major loads. What bullet and spring weight do I use? I want maximum reliability. I’ll trade “flat” for reliability while still being competitive.
  22. The honcho just looks like an ugly gun. I would probably go atlas tho. If the honcho looked cooler I would go PT but that’s cause I want to shoot open as I get older.
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