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  1. I saw that but it’s to late to make plans. Need a hotel and funds kinda set aside. I’ll be there next month if things don’t go back to normal.
  2. PROBLEM SOLVED!! so on the powder funnel there’s a little ridge and that ridge wears out after so many loadings. I went to CED and got myself another DAA powder funnel and we are back in BIDness! hope this helps someone else out!
  3. the case is Flared. I keep going back and forth on how big I make the flair
  4. Before I took my feeder off it was working great. The bullets would seat into the case very snug and if you were to take the bullet off, it would take some force to get it to come off the case. This way it wouldn’t slide off as it rotated to the next section. I took my bullet feeder off to give to a buddy to use for a week and now I’m reinstalling it on my machine. Now the bullet is toppling over as it rotates and the bullet isn’t as tight in the case once the bullet is seated. ive messes with everything. The ball bearings in the die. The clip that’s at the top of the die.
  5. I’m going nuts and need to get out. Is there any club matches happening on the East coast at all?
  6. Last year was my first nationals ever and it was awesome! I learned so much about how not to sh@& the bed at any match, not just big ones. There were 2 guys that finished inside the top 10 and They didn’t do anything special that I couldn’t do. They just didn’t do dumb sh@$ on big stages with a ton of points. They did the safest plan possible to ensure great hits on target. After seeing this and how it helped them place in the overall total, I took that hole with me. Helped me win 2 more level 2s matches to end the year. It will stick with me for now on. “What do I have to do to
  7. I switched from a DAA to a CR speed WSM 2 years ago and it’s the best decision I’ve made in a while. Yes it’s not as sexy as the DAA holsters but the DAA holsters you have to pull the gun up perfectly vertical every time. So if you’re in a weird start position and you don’t pull the gun the gun straight up and out, it gets hung up. The CR speed doesn’t care if you’re at a funky angle or not. It’s way more forgiving. also if by some chance you forget to unlock your holster when the start signal goes off, you just pull hard and the CR speed unlocks and frees the gun up. The DAA doesn’t
  8. You’re expanding a rifle case? sounds like a lot of work to get it up and running no?
  9. Hey guys. Looking to get a 223 conversion for my mr bullet feeder. Loading by hand takes way to long but wanted some feedback first on how it works. well, how does it work? I didn’t know if people were having problems with the bullet seating and not toppling over when it gets rotated To the next station.
  10. Anyone know where I can get one? Saw some online but I’m pretty sure these businesses are closed due to the “zero fun allowed” virus.
  11. I’ve used Forster for years! I have them in 223, 308, and 30-06. I had problems with my 30-06 die and my M1 didn’t like how the sizer die was sizing them. I called Forster up and sent them a couple 30-06 cases that the gun liked and they took a couple thou off the die so it would sit lower. Great customer service. Now with my 308. That seating die is so incredibly consistent! That rifle is a tack driver and having a die that consistently seats is a plus! Never put a concentricity gauge on it so dunno how the run-out is but I’m never going to shoot extreme long range.
  12. I had this issue. I had my buddy bring his hundo over and the cases that wouldn’t fit in mine WOULD fit in his! the guys at hundo too GREAT care of me! It was a little bit of a pain to find their number cause I don’t do email. No one ever emails back Regardless of the company! Anyway, the guy told me to send in dummy rounds that won’t fit in the gauge. They said to send all that in and within 2 weeks they sent me a brand new hundo gauge. they said that if their reamer machine is nearing the end of its life, it gets a tiny bit out of spec. Never had this proble
  13. Just a heads up, try and get either fully processed brass OR non crimped brass. It’s gonna be hard to find non crimped brass but aint no body got time to fool with crimped brass!
  14. You really don’t need to send your mags to get “tuned” or buy a “tuned” mag. The Dawson magazine tuning kit is all you need and if you want to go even cheaper, get a chain link spreader. You can get one for less than $20 bucks as compared to the Dawson $100 dollar kit. Check out Adams video on YouTube and do it yourself. The guys charging you an extra $50 bucks are literally spending 5-10 minutes to “tune” your feed lips. Save your money and do it yourself with a $20 dollar chain link spreader.
  15. I don’t know if I want to put $250 bucks into a bedside gun. has anyone tried out this $20 dollar spring kit? https://www.mcarbo.com/cz-p07-trigger-spring-kit.aspx
  16. What’s a good, reliable trigger system/spring kit for this gun? got one used for a great deal.
  17. I’ve shot limited major for years and I’ve never kept count of how many times a piece gets loaded and fired. It has a way of cycling itself out Due to matches and practicing outdoors. You won’t ever get 100% of your brass back. also if you have a case gauge a cracked case won’t fit in the gauge. In my hundo a cracked case needs to really be jammed into the gauge for it to fit. That’s my red flag alarm to Examine the case before I shoot it. I wouldn’t worry about firing a loaded cracked case if you gauge all your ammo.
  18. We were the last squad of the day on that stage. Who knows how many shooters shot the stage like this.
  19. Shot a great match this past weekend and something I noticed that kinda threw my squad off a little. There was a spot where you could shoot a popper with out any prop interference. There was a barrel to the left of this so you couldn’t shoot this steel cleanly from anywhere else besides in a certain spot. But due to the range being all sand, the popper shifted over towards the barrels even tho it was stacked down in all 4 holes. Now you saw half the popper from the position instead of all of it. No big deal and I wasn’t going to raise a big stink about it cause it was a club match. It was a l
  20. I know I’ve asked a lot on the forum about recipes for great steel loads. I just made one that’s pretty awesome using promo powder and 165 gr blue bullet. I used 3 grains of promo @ 1.175 OAL and it’s a great shooting load. I’m shooting it thru a sti edge with a 7 pound variable spring. I didn’t want to change my OAL because I that’s what I use for major loads for USPSA. I’m shooting my first falling steel match and figured this info may be helpful to someone.
  21. I have VZ grips in my 1911 and it’s really tacky. Check those out. I really like mine.
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